How To Disenchant Items In Minecraft

Here's how you can disenchant the items in Minecraft.
how to disenchant items in minecraft

Minecraft is a game where you can build a world using specific items and objects you collect. It could be furniture, weapons, and a lot of other tools. You can customize your world and choose the skins you like and can wear them on. Minecraft has been one of the most popular games of recent times, and with the newer features it keeps introducing, it is becoming a fan favorite. From the prizes you collect to the bonuses you receive, this game has got everything. It will keep you hooked and addicted always.

Enchanted Items

There are certain items in Minecraft that are enchanted and are usually called coveted items. These items generally come with excess bonuses and prizes and are thus prized possessions of the game. They help you get through and solve a lot of problems and challenges you face. The enchantments can either already be available on the items, or sometimes players put them on particular objects, which will help build stronger armor, weapons, buildings, etc. You can do a lot with the enchanted items, but sometimes too much magic can be used. There are specific tasks that require items to be disenchanted, and Minecraft will provide a way to do that.

Items For Disenchantment

When the players choose to disenchant an item, the enchantments present on it will be removed entirely. You will get the experience points based on the number of enchantments available on the thing. The players usually face disenchanting because the curses on the object don’t get removed, which don’t typically pose a problem, but there isn’t any solution. You can ignore it.

There are particular objects which are required to disenchant items in Minecraft. They are:

  1. ANVIL

To remove the enchantments, the first and the most common way is to use an anvil. You have to make an anvil in the game using four iron ingots and three blocks of iron. The iron blocks you used in building iron golem are the same ones that are required here, so they are relatively easy to acquire.

The anvil will combine similarly enchanted items, which will destroy two things and incorporate them into one enchanted item. So like if the players own a pair of magical boots, the anvil can waste and combine them into one. Anvil is highly used to create one enchanted item in the game as well. The anvil method is usually used when the enchantments aren’t as strong as required thus can be easily forged into one.

  1. Grindstones And Removing Enchantments

Players can build a grindstone using stone and wood or acquire one from the village’s blacksmith. These are used to remove only enchantments from items and not the curses. When you use the grindstone, either repair or remove magic will appear, and you know which slot to click to get the desired output.

  1. Crafting Tables And Removing Curses

For removing curses that were initially posing problems, a crafting table can be used. In this, you can combine two identically cursed items or one cursed and one unenchanted item to remove the curses. When there are two cursed items, the curse will merge into one, and one of the objects will be left clean. Similarly, in one cursed and disenchanted, the curse will move to the disenchanted item giving a clean slate.

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