How to Turn On Ray Tracing in Minecraft

Minecraft finally gets ray tracing on supported RTX cards. Here's how to enable it.
how to enable ray tracing minecraft

Minecraft has finally supported the Ray Tracing in PC running on Microsoft Windows 10. Ray tracing is the major addition to the game since it was announced in NVidia’s event. The most popular game now has gone to another level of realism with real-time ray tracing. In this guide we’ll show you how to enable ray tracing in Minecraft, it is a free feature that all PC users can use if they have an RTX Nvidia graphics card.

But before we turn on ray tracing in Minecraft, you should know what actually it does to the game? how much different you’ll get to see after enabling the ray tracing.

Apart from Ray Tracing, there are already some best Minecraft shaders that also enhance the graphics of the game but not as much as RTX card does with ray tracing. So Ray Tracing is the rendering algorithm, it makes the generated 3D graphics over the pixels in the screen in a more realistic way.

Ray Tracing makes the light reflection so natural, aesthetic, and appealing that’s similar to real-world lightning over water, mirror, and other objects that have a reflection. The Nvidia announced the new card series called RTX which has the same motive to getting Ray tracing in the games and that’s the difference you can clearly see when you’re playing with RTX OFF and RTX ON.

How to Enable / Turn On Ray Tracing in Minecraft

It was a brief about the Ray Tracing technology that Nvidia developed and introduced in its new RTX cards series. If you want to learn more about it head over to the official page of Nvidia has explained the concept of ray tracing in easier and better form. You should have an RTX card and its updated driver installed on your PC if you want to install ray tracing in Minecraft.

Here’s the following steps you need to follow to turn on ray tracing.

  • Launch the Minecraft from the Start Apps, If you have not installed it yet, do install Minecraft for Windows 10 from Store after purchasing.
  • When it opened, go to the main menu then click on Marketplace.
  • Now in settings click on the search icon and type “RTX” then look for the RTX enabling the option.
  • Now install any of the RTX pack you like, then press ESC and return to the game.
  • Start a new game by creating a new world by selecting any of the RTX template your like.
  • Once it’s loaded, press ESC and go to settings. In the video setting look for the RTX option, it should be enabled.
Ray Tracing Setting in Minecraft
Ray Tracing Setting in Minecraft
  • Press ESC again and return back to the game.
  • Now you will see the ray-tracing enabled version and the World will look realistic with sunrise and lights reflections.

You may also be able to enable the ray tracing in Bedrock edition as well, just try to follow this guide.

When is Ray Tracing coming to Minecraft PS4/PS5 & Xbox version?

As far we know, ray tracing is only available in Minecraft Windows 10 version and Bedrock edition. The Next-gen consoles like PS5 and Xbox Series X support and can render the ray tracing but developed have not optimized the features for current-gen consoles yet.

However, it might become possible to get ray tracing in PlayStation and Xbox consoles as well. We’ll bring another guide to enable it on Minecraft console versions.

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