How to Find, Tame & Breed Mountain Goats in Minecraft

Let's find out where to get Mountain Goats in Minecraft!
Where to Find Mountain Goats

Minecraft came out with the latest Minecraft 1.17 update, which features the thrilling and exciting mob of mountain goats in this version. This update has the very talked-about “caves” but the less known “cliffs”, which are also present in this version, but not a lot is known. This version has a lot of characters that are important and worth the focus.

Minecraft axolotls are supposedly the best underwater companions Minecraft has ever seen. Similarly, the warden is the new monster which is terrifying and strange to deal with, along with a breath of fresh air. The mountain goats, also introduced in this version, are based on the rocky mountain goat, also known as Oreamnos americanus, and are adaptable to alpine and subalpine locations, thus being a perfect fit for Minecraft.

Where to Find Goats in Minecraft

As the name suggests, mountain goats are found in the mountains. They are basically at the top of the cliff at higher light levels and are found wherever there isn’t an opaque block. They will be found in any mountain biome and aren’t too difficult to track or spot.

Mountain Goats

One problem that the players might face with mountain goats is that no matter how easy it is to spot them, it gets tricky to catch them because of their ability to run up to 10 blocks at once and ram into whatever is coming their way to defend themselves. These creatures seem to be out of control but can be controlled because of the leads attached to them, which will help them guide the flock or a particular goat elsewhere or breed it using wheat.

They can be found mainly in the daylight, and it won’t matter much if the mountain cliffs are grassy or snowy. They will be there, and if you are lucky enough, you might even spot a screaming goat by listening hard for it.

These mountain goats are precisely more like antelopes disguised as goats just for the sake of the game. They have specific abilities, but for the most part, they look like antelopes and mountain goats mixed. They can easily climb high and manage themselves on steep slopes, making them good mountain goats.

Most of the creatures in Minecraft can jump only one block, but these mountain goats can jump two blocks at once and can quickly clear small gaps without fussing or getting caught in between. Their health points are ten full hearts and have an attack for seven damage which gives three and a half hearts.

Where Can I use Mountain Goats in Minecraft?

Mountain goats are a valuable creature in Minecraft bedrock as it is available in both versions. They can be used to gain milk by using a bucket on them, which you can sell or use for other purposes. Sometimes people try to gain milk from cows, but they need to understand that they are a threatening creature in Minecraft who might kill or harm you; thus, goats are a great alternative.

The goats drop their horns when they ram into blocks, and if you collect these, you can produce noises from them and attract the herd during raids if needed. Their ramming with the horn can be an excellent launchpad for elytra, and thus, mountain goats are pretty goated creatures.

What Kind of Behavior Do Mountain Goats Do Have?

The mountain goats in Minecraft usually have a very passive-aggressive behaviour. They try to jump ten blocks high in the air. They even try jumping over the narrow jumping areas when the goats are trying to cross over certain obstacles. One problem that arises with the behaviour of the mountain goats in Minecraft is that once it jumps and takes a long jump, it cannot do the same for the next 30-60 seconds. 

These mountain goats avoid walking in powder snow and take 10 hearts with them whenever they jump. If these goats spot a mob or player that hasn’t moved in 30-300 seconds, it goes about attacking them by ramming into blocks, which these goats are good at. When the mountain goat is looking to ram someone, they need at least 4 blocks of space between them and the target before proceeding with the attack. If the goats manage to push the target off the peak, the players are sure to receive significant damage, which can cause problems in the game. 

When someone attacks these goats, they don’t try to strike back but instead just run away towards the mob and away from the attackers, and thus, they are an easily scared creature of the game.

Some Facts About Goat in Minecraft

The mountain goats are quite an essential part of Minecraft. They have ten health points that are very significant and helpful and make these mountain goats a vital creature in the game. Their behaviour ranges from passive to neutral and is never too extreme. Their attack strength is just one heart when easy when every day is two hearts, and when complex, it’s three hearts.

The adult mountain goat’s size is around 0.9 blocks in height and 1.3 blocks in width, making it an okay and normal-sized creature in Minecraft. The baby mountain goat’s height is 0.45 blocks in height and 0.65 blocks in width, and it is pretty tiny and cute.

These goats spawn in the mountains and aren’t too tough to spot. These mountain goats are essential additions in this version of Minecraft and have many specs and other additional information attached to them. To get one mountain goat and to breed it isn’t a challenging task and can be taught in your daily gaming routine without any problem. The mountain goats are tiny and cute little creatures who are fun to play with.

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