How to Get Mending Enchantment in Minecraft

Minecraft: A Guide to get the Mending Enchantment and its working principle
how to get mending books in minecraft

The game gets all the more with Mending and many other Enchantments. This guide is to tell you all about The Mending Enchantment in Minecraft.

If you are new to the game then you must know that keeping your tools in their upright shape is an essential part of Minecraft. If you are an old player then you already know that. Pickaxe and the sword are the best friends of a player. All the skilled players know that for going deep in the game they must get each item for their survival. Enchanting Tables are also part of the story and quite valuable part for that matter. And in all the Enchanting Tables the Mending Enchantment is particularly important.

Mending Enchantment is illusive in nature and very small number of players know about it. It has a low usage and that makes it quite more interesting to trick others and go far out in the game. Enchantments, particularly Mending can make the game more exciting. So what are we waiting for let’s figure out what it is and how does it work…

How to Get Mending Enchantment

So, what are Enchantments? Essentially, these are nothing but stats that you can apply to weapons, armor, tools, and books. These are augmentations for the player and provide them with great powers against enemies. The fun with Enchantments are that multiple Enchantments can be applied as long as they don’t counter each other.

If you are looking for Enchanting your items then there are multiple ways to do so. All the ways, however, require you to craft and find workspaces for imbuing items with particular abilities. The Enchanted items can always be found in the world. And these are often traded by merchants and can also be found in the chests of temples and dungeons. There are two ways to Enchant an item. Either go for an Anvil or go for an Enchanting Table.

The primary way to create an Enchanted item is to go for an Enchanting Table. You can create them by combining Obsidian with Diamonds and a book. After you get the table you can use it by placing a tool and a special item in particular slots and then select upon the desired effect.

Anvils are also used in similar fashion, but they can be used to improve tools and armor only. You craft an Anvil by combining Iron Ingots and Iron Blocks. For Enchanting an item, you need to place a tool along an enchanted book which should have a special ability. The items can be blended and the book’s effects are added to the tool.

The Mending Enchantment

This Enchantment can be used to keep the tools durable even after long term use. You may wonder how is this done. Well, it is done by rerouting a player’s earned experience points into the durability of the tool that is enchanted. This effect comes into play only if the tool is available in the player’s inventory. However, if you are having more than one tool with Mending Enchantment then the game may pick any tool at random to apply your experience points to.

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But there is a catch to the story. Actually, this Mending Enchantment can’t really be placed on an item by the player! It is a treasure Enchantment. Treasure Enchantments can be found out within chests or you have to purchase them. This Enchantment of Mending and all other Treasure Enchantments are rather rare and more powerful than other Enchantments. You can purchase it from a merchant who is selling it. The pricing is going to be a full three times than the price of other Enchantments. If you are lucky enough you can find it in raids and chests.


Hope we could stress the fact that how important Enchantments are for you to stay afloat in the game. Also, hopefully, we could show the importance of the Mending Enchantment and the ways it works. You can help us improve with your suggestions. Thank you and happy playing Minecraft.

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