How to Make a Beacon in Minecraft

Are you struggling to use Beacons in Minecraft? Read this guide to know everything about the range of beacons and how to make a beacon.

If there is something elite and too prestigious, it’s the beacon in Minecraft. They are ludicrously expensive and exceptionally tough to obtain so, owning one means you’re a pro, and you know your game.                                   

Minecraft Pyramid Beacon

To obtain a beacon, you have to defeat the most powerful and dangerous enemy in the whole of Minecraft and then harvest the Nether Star from their remains. It doesn’t end here as after harvesting you have to craft the weapon yourself and place it atop the pyramid. Beacon will symbolize a lot of things but mostly your exceptional gaming abilities.

Once you own the beacon, you don’t only own the bragging rights to it, but also you become the wealthiest Steve in Minecraft with other perks like increased movement and mining speed. You will have a permanent marker to guide your way across the world if you get lost alongside regenerative health, which is quite helpful in fights and battles. After you own the beacon, you become the Beaconator and can obtain the various benefits and advantages of this ethereal weapon which will make you the top-most player in the whole Minecraft server.

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So, to craft the Beacon the following process is needed. It includes a dome of five glass blocks, a base of three obsidian blocks, and a single nether star in the middle. The former ingredients are obtained by searching for them a little, but the nether star is where you have to put it actual efforts. You have to defeat Wither, which is a fight that requires serious skills, as he is one of the deadliest enemies in the whole of Minecraft alongside Ender Dragon. Once you defeat him, you will obtain the Nether Star.

Minecraft Range of a Beacon

Your Beacon should be more than just laser light. So to use the beacon to the full extent, you need to place it on top of a pyramid. The pyramid will grant beakers additional powers, and any player in that vicinity will receive great advantages and buffs. The pyramid is a four leveled structure that can be made out of gold, iron, diamond, or emerald. The first level of the pyramid will give the beacon a minimum range of twenty blocks, and each additional level will increase with ten more blocks. 

Maximum blocks in one level could be fifty to increase the range of the beacon. Each level has to be filled, and you can’t just leave it at the rim, or else it won’t work. The resources you used for one level have to match the others to maintain similarity, and if not done, the beacon won’t have the same powers in some cases, won’t work.

Once you are done building the entire pyramid, your beacon will have a range of fifty blocks. On the top of the pyramid, you have to make sure there isn’t anything obstructing the beacon’s view of the sky, which hints towards not having a secret beacon on top of the already existing one.

Some Of The Tips To Build A Powerful, And Exciting Beacon Are:

The Beaton has authority; thus you won’t have long-lasting powers. As far as you are in the vicinity, you can extract extreme powers from it. But once you leave it, you will lose those powers in 5-9 seconds.

You can have multiple beacons to increase power. You can have a maximum of six beacons, and this will increase the range and power like crazy. Beacons can be extracted and recovered easily, so if you do end up breaking it or moving it, it won’t be a problem.

If you have gems and ingots, you can keep changing your beacon’s powers. You can customize your beacon lights and make them look cool and exciting. Beacons are a fun way to gain extreme powers and master this game of Minecraft, so get going and make one.

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