How To Make A Fire Resistance Potion In Minecraft

Learn how to make a Fire Resistance and splash potion in Minecraft from this walkthrough. Collect the all required ingredients before you get started.
minecraft fire resistance potion

Minecraft is a game that harbors a lot of other games within it. They all have a different survival style and require a lot of different skill sets to play with. When you are walking underground in Minecraft or traveling through the nether, this fire and flames could be hazardous to your overall health in the game.

There are also lava and continuous fire attacks to distract you from the path you are traveling and defeat you in the game. Many things in Minecraft are meant to hurt you and defeat your gameplay by halting your progress. These fire attacks are one such way to do so and defend yourself from it, and you can make a fire resistance potion using which you will be immune to such attacks

How To Make The Brewing Stand

Before you jump into the semantics of building the portion, you need something to make it on. That is called a brewing stand, without which making the potion goes to waste. Some people might already have a brewing stand present with them, but for those who don鈥檛, they need the following ingredients to be the best chemist and cultivate the best potion using this brewing stand setup:

  • 3 Cobblestones
  • 1 Blaze rod

After you have arranged the required items, you will proceed in the following way:

  1. Go to the crafting interface icon and open it.
  2. Put the blaze rod in the upper middle square.
  3. In the line below the blaze rod, add 3 cobblestones in one block, each forming a line.
  4. And you are done, all you have to do is craft the stand now.

How To Make The Fire Resistance Potion

Once you are done with the brewing stand, you have to start making the fire resistance potion. There are certain ingredients that are required, and they are:

  • Magma cream
  • Nether wart
  • water bottles
  • Blaze powder

After you are done collecting the ingredients, it鈥檚 time to start making this powerful potion.

  1. You have to open the crafting interface with the icon below.
  2. You have to click on the brewing stand interface which you just assembled.
  3. Light this stand using the blaze powder by placing it in the upper left slot of the brewing stand.
  4. Put the water bottle in the bottom left space of the stand.
  5. Nether wart goes in the top middle slot of the brewing stand.
  6. Once all of this is done, the water bottle will turn into an awkward potion.
  7. Magma cream is to be placed in the upper middle slot of the interface.
  8. When all of these steps have been conducted, your fire potion will be ready to use, and you can shift it to the inventory first.

How To Get The Components

The components needed to build the fire resistance potions are primarily found in the nether, which is full of lava, so if you already have access to this potion, collecting items to build more potions becomes a lot easier and more fun to do.

Nether Wart

  1. Fairly easy to get compared to the other items, the nether wart can be obtained in red fungus growing inside the nether fortress.
  2. You have to harvest this fungus and then dig around the soul sand.
  3. You can take some of the soul sand with you and start planting the nether wart to get lifetime access to it.

Blaze Powder

  1. This can also be found in the nether, so you need to locate the blaze when you go there.
  2. You have to defeat this blaze when you spot it.
  3. Once you defeat it, it will leave its blaze rod, which you have to pick up and put in a crafting interface.
  4. The output will be in the form of a blaze powder as required.

Magma Cream

You can again find this magma cream in the nether in any of the chests lying around.

  1. Locate a chest in the nether.
  2. You might find random bins but find the specific one with magma cream in it.
  3. If you cannot do so, you have to leave this here and go on a slime hunt instead.
  4. Once you locate a slime, you have to defeat them and pick up the slime they drop.
  5. Open your crafting interface and put the blaze powder and slime in it together.
  6. You will get the magma cream which you can use further.

Water Bottles

  1. You have to craft a glass using sand and place it in the crafting interface.
  2. Equip the bottle and use the use item button near it.
  3. With this, your bottle will be ready within seconds.

How To Use Potion of Fire Resistance

Once you are done collecting and making the potion, you can either use it at that time or store it by stashing it for further use. You can keep it in the chest for saving it or in the inventory if you might want to use it anytime soon. When you want to use it, equip the potion, and you are good to go. This potion is potent as you get immune to all the heat, damaging you. You can use this potion while you travel to the nether, where the fireball attacks and fire, in general, is an everyday demeanor. You can enter into the lava and stand on fire without any trouble.

A lot of people say that wearing a nephrite will be good and better than the potion. That isn鈥檛 the case as this is armor, and yes, it is effective, but it is not as proper and efficient as the potion. You will still end up receiving damage even though it is a fireproof material, so using the potion is your best bet.

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