How to make a Potion of Slow Falling in Minecraft

Crafting a Potion of Slow Falling is not too difficult, but that entirely depends on your skill level with ingredients.
how to make slow falling potion

Ever wanted to jump off a high mountain in Minecraft, but died of the fall? I did too! That’s why I put together this tutorial on how you can make a Potion of Slow Falling and make your Minecraft experience just that much faster.

When we talk about Minecraft, we talk about one of the most extensive gamer bases of any game currently available in the world. With over a million people active every day on Minecraft, it is one of the best and highly featured games. Minecraft is where people can get on with their new avatars, play various games, and build their portfolio within it. There are numerous weapons and items for the gamers to collect and other exciting things like skins and Potions, which they can make themselves. Minecraft allows its players to run an independent and free thought process while creating the best version of the ideas brewing in their head.

In Minecraft, you can make Potions with the process of brewing. Brewing is the process of creating Potions, slash Potions, and lingering Potions using ingredients that you have to collect around the game. Brewing will result in the development of various kinds of consumables Potions with different strengths assigned to them. For example, it can be a healing Potion, a strengthening Potion, and many more. To get the correct buff of the Potion you are brewing, you need to get the right ingredients and follow the proper steps.

There are a few standard brewing equipment that almost every Potion requires. They are:

●      Brewing stand: you can add various ingredients required for a Potion into the water bottle available on this stand.

●      Glass bottle: this is the Potion container used at a water source to create a water bottle for brewing on the stand.

●      Cauldron: this is an enormous container that can hold Potions up to three glasses of water.

●      Blaze powder: if you want to fuel up the brewing stand, you need this powder. This is basically what pushes the process further.

●      Water bottle: when you fill a glass bottle at any cauldron, you get the water bottle.

How to make Potions in Minecraft?

To begin making Potions in Minecraft, you will need a base ingredient that will be the most vital ingredient of any Potion in the game. For example, if you are making a Potion of weakness, you will need a fermented spider eye to begin the brewing process. Once you get a hold of the base ingredients, you need to proceed and collect the secondary ingredients for the Potion that will determine the type of effect your brew is going to have on you and your enemy. For example, in slow-falling Potions, you need a phantom membrane as your secondary ingredient, without which the effect and the whole basis of the brew won’t take place. 

Once you have collected all the required ingredients, you can proceed with the proper steps to brew the particular type of Potions. Of course, each Potion serves a different purpose, like it could be a strength Potion, a weakness Potion, or something called the awkward Potion. However, the procedure to brew one remains almost identical.

Placement of each item

Brewing stand- one of the essential items if you want to make a Potion and brew it well. Another important ingredient is one blaze rod. Brewing stands can be obtained in a village, or they can even be crafted on your own using three cobblestones which you can collect throughout the game.

Once you have the brewing stand with the particular items in an order, you have to start brewing your Potion and get the desired effect. First, you have to add the blaze powder, an essential ingredient, and place the items in the top slot in the middle of the dex. Once you have added these items, you will see small boxes with the symbol of a water bottle on them. This is where the water bottle goes, and with this, you are done with the placement of all the required items for brewing a perfect Potion.


After the correct placement of all the required materials for the Potion, you have to begin with the journey of Potionography that will be done using the following steps.

  1. The first step includes making glass bottles which can be done using any water source. Around three glasses will be sufficient to move on to the next step.
  2. The next step would be to brewing the Potions that will require you to fill the bottles you have made. This is relatively easy and straightforward to do, and it will need you to click on a water block source and get done with the step.
  3. The Potion’s effectiveness comes through the awkward Potion, and the art of creating it is called transmutation, which is converting one type of item into another.
  4. When you add the nether wart you collected on the bottle you made earlier, you will get your awkward Potion to brew its powers and effectiveness.
  5. Once you are done with all these steps, your awkward Potion will be ready, which will be the fundamental basis of crafting and brewing your Potions and reaching the result.

Types of Potions and their effects are explained.

There are different kinds of Potions, and once you know the steps to craft them, you can officially call yourself an alchemist in the game. This will be a unique and vital skill as brewing Potions will give you an added advantage over other players in terms of effectiveness and power by the time you reach the end game. The different types of Potions are:

  1. Invisibility- as the name suggests, this Potion will help you become invisible in the middle of the game, and to brew it, you need the Potion of night vision and fermented spider eye combined.
  2. Night vision- this Potion is very effective as it allows you to view items in the dark and makes you a night vision expert, which will give you an added advantage in the game. You can brew this using the awkward Potion and carrot. This Potion helps in creating the invisibility Potion.
  3. Leaping- a significant Potion in a fast-paced pvp game like Minecraft gives you the skill to jump high and make moves like leaping very quickly and smoothly. It will just increase your stealth mode, and you will have a fun gaming experience. This is brewed using the awkward Potion and the rabbit’s foot.
  4. Invisibility- another type of invisibility Potion that allows you to become invisible and increases your strength and speed tremendously is this Potion. It can be brewed using an awkward Potion and sugar.
  5. Fire resistance- having the ability to be immune to fire is a strength everyone wants to gather in Minecraft, and the fire resistance Potion allows you to do so. This will be very beneficial throughout the game and gives you an immense advantage throughout your gameplay. It would help if you had the awkward Potion and magma cream brewed together to form this Potion.
  6. Healing- a game as vigorous and challenging as Minecraft will obviously make you go through certain rough phases where you will receive damage to yourself and your character. The healing Potion will make sure your heart is healed in the game, and to brew it, you just need the awkward Potion and glistering melon.
  7. Water breathing- swimming is a skill almost everyone acquires in Minecraft but to have the ability to stay underwater for longer is a need. The water-breathing Potion will increase your breathing time underwater significantly. To brew it, you need the awkward Potion and the pufferfish.
  8. Leaping- another type of leaping Potion that gives you a slower speed and smaller fov is this Potion that can be brewed using a Potion of fire resistance combined with a fermented spider eye. Another way to brew it is by using a tincture of the swiftness with the fermented spider eye or the Potion of leaping with the fermented spider eye. Either way, you will get the same result.
  9. Poison- you want to defeat your enemy in a faster and more brutal way. For this, you can use the poison Potion, which will harm your enemy and will damage them slowly over time. You can brew this Potion using the awkward Potion and the spider eye.
  10. Strength- having more power is always welcome in a game like Minecraft, and this Potion will make you deal with increased damage caused by melee attacks. You can brew it easily using the awkward Potion with the blaze powder.
  11. Harming- you want to harm your enemy more than you have already done, and this is where you can bring in the harming Potion. This will deal significant damage to your target and brew it, and you just need to have the elixir of healing with fermented spider eye. Another way to brew it is by using a Potion of water breathing combined with the fermented spider eye.
  12. Regeneration- if you feel like your character is slowly dying away, you can use the regeneration Potion to heal your heart and get back in the game more substantially and better. To brew it, you need the awkward Potion with ghast tear combined.
  13. Slow Falling- decreasing the speed of the fall and preventing any kind of damage done to you when you fall is necessary, and this Potion provides just that. It would be best if you had the awkward Potion with the phantom membrane to brew it. 
  14. Weakness- the melee damage you induce can be decreased using the weakness Potion, and it is essential in a rough game like Minecraft. It can be brewed using the water bottle and the fermented spider eye. Another way to make this Potion is by using the awkward Potion with the fermented spider eye.
  15. Luck- an exclusive Potion that can’t be brewed but will increase your chance to find items of the highest order and give you the provision to collect them. 

There are different kinds of options available in Minecraft that require a similar variety of ingredients. One such very popular Potion in the game is the Slow Falling Potion.

What is a Slow Falling Potion?

As the name of this Potion is pretty straightforward, the Slow Falling Potion in Minecraft prevents you from actually dying by falling in the game as it reduces your speed and lets you accumulate to what’s happening around you while you receive the fall damage. This was introduced in Minecraft java edition 1.13, and it just reduces the falling capability of the players and the mob in Minecraft.

You receive less or no fall damage if you have this Potion, and when it is combined with elytra, you can glide around as well. Being one of the highly used Potions in Minecraft is pretty practical and essential in this fast-paced game where you need to fight off enemies and have secured gameplay.

The Potion works on the mechanics that the person who has acquired this Potion falls extremely slowly and receives negligible damage. The mobs are also affected by this Potion except for the boss mob, which is the only entity in Minecraft that doesn’t feel the effect of this Potion on themselves.

The slow-falling Potion can have a varied effect on the entities which consume it. When you sprint after you drink the Potion, you can jump up to 5 blocks and across the gap of five blocks. After that, you can gain enough momentum and push yourself to jump across 6 blocks. The standard block to cover is four blocks, and anyone with the Potion can do so.

When you use the unboosted elytra flight, it will be four times slower than your normal sprinting but quite effective and helpful in the game. The only problem is that the player won’t land on a critical target with this effect. 

There are three types of Slow Falling Potions, and they are:

  1. Potion of Slow Falling
  2. Splash Potion of Slow Falling
  3. Lingering Potion of Slow Falling


Potion of Slow Falling

The similar ingredients required for every Potion, the Potion of Slow Falling also needs a brewing stand and blaze powder. The blaze powder is necessary to fuel up the brewing stand and be crafted using the blaze rods, which the blaze drops in the nether. Within the Potion of Slow Falling, you have a brew that lasts for about 1 minute and 30 seconds, which is known as the standard Potion. The other Potion is extended and can last for up to 4 minutes.


● Water bottle

● Nether wart

● Phantom membrane


  1. The blaze powder goes into the top left of the brewing stand.
  2. Water bottle, which is an essential item, goes into the lower three boxes and is highly necessary for the crafting process.
  3. Once this is done, the awkward Potion will be brewed, and after that, you have to place the phantom membrane in the item slot.
  4. If you want the Potion to be extended and increase its time, you can add redstone dust in the item slot.
  5. With this, you can get the brew in your inventory.

Splash Slow Falling Potion

The usual Slow Falling Potion works only on the players who consume it. On the other hand, the splash Slow Falling Potion is something you can throw at your enemies or another mob in the game, and it would not only affect you but them as well.

Just like the regular Potion, you can have an extended version of this too.


● Brewed Potion of Slow Falling

● Gun powder


  1. The gun powder and the brewed Potion of Slow Falling are placed in the items slot, respectively.
  2. Once you are done with this, the splash Potion will be brewed and added to your inventory.

Lingering Potion of Slow Falling

This is a little like splashing Slow Falling Potions, but unlike them, when you hit someone with this Potion, the bottom in which it is contained breaks open and forms a cloud-like structure when the people below or around it can experience its effects. The regular lingering Potion has an impact of 22 seconds only, and the extended version has a 1-minute duration.


● Brewed splash Potion of Slow Falling

● Dragon’s breath


  1. The dragon’s breath and the brewed splash Potion of Slow Falling go into the items slot.
  2. With this, you will get the lingering Potion, and you can find it in the inventory.

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