How to Make a Water Elevator in Minecraft 2023

Our guide on how to make a water elevator in Minecraft Java 1.13 and the above will help you transport yourself, items, and other entities.
create water elevator in minecraft

Minecraft: A Complete Guide on How to Make a Water Elevator – The mechanics on which the water elevators or bubble elevators work was first introduced in the update Aquatic or the Minecraft java edition 1.13. this update was having a focus on improving gameplay in water in Minecraft. The purpose of this update was to be able to use all the water in Minecraft for quick and easy transportation.

Water elevators are quite effective in transporting players, items, or entities. It is a pretty useful thing to have in your survival world. In this post, you will find how to make a Water elevator in Minecraft. So, let’s read on…

Steps to Make a Water Elevator in Minecraft

Depending upon the base block used, Water Elevators can be used in making the move up or move down. If you are looking for an elevator that should go up then the soul sand block must be placed at the bottom. But if you are looking for an elevator to go down then you can use some magma block in making the base.

Building an Enclosure

An enclosure is the first step to be able to make an elevator. This enclosure will act as an elevator. You need some solid blocks to make the enclosure. The trend among people is, however, to use glass for the enclosure as for the aesthetics. The dimensions of the enclosure depending on the player entirely. The length, the breadth, and the height could be anything.

Filling the Enclosure with water source blocks

Once you are done with the enclosure now it is time to fill it up with water source blocks. It means that flowing water shouldn’t be present inside the enclosure.

Placing the Base Block

Now it is time to place the base block according to the type of elevator. If you want then a Redstone contraption can be used to swap the base blocks by using a button or any toggle method other than that as well.

The Water Elevator is Ready!

Once you have carried out the steps correctly then you will see bubbles in the water which is an indication that the water elevator is now functioning. Now you can use it for the purpose of transportation.

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Ways to make Water Source Blocks

There are many ways to craft water source blocks. One of the most tried and tested ways is to place water source using infinite water source and buckets. This is the traditional way and also one of the oldest ways of doing so.

Creating Infinite Water Source:

  1. Dig a 1 block deep and 2 by 2 wide pit and place water source diagonally.
  2. As you place those water sources diagonally the water will stop flowing and you will have an infinite water source you can get as much water as needed by using buckets.

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Another way to make water source blocks is by making use of Kelps. This method of using a Kelp is relatively new and was first used in the Aquatic Update. It abundantly available in abundance in any kind of ocean so you as a player don’t have to worry about the availability of it.

The kelp does what is that Kelp turns any flowing water into water source block when it is placed in the flowing water. And the fun part is that it can well be removed once water source blocks have been made out of the flowing water. This method can highly efficient in making elevators and many other players have adopted this method.


Water elevators are quite handy when it comes to any purpose. Whether a normal base to a fully automated farmland. Learning how to make water elevators can definitely help for making fast and efficient transportation.

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