How to Make a Composter in Minecraft

Guide to make a Composter in Minecraft with Composter Recipe 2021.

If you are wondering how to make a composter in Minecraft then you have come to the right place. In this post we guide you through steps on how to make a composter in Minecraft.

Composter is a must have for those who have their farms as it supplies quality Bone meals for the plants. Bone meals are great as they act as good fertilizers and supply the plants with phosphorous and are great for stronger roots especially in new plants.

Composters can spawn in most villages. Composter can you help you obtain the bone meals by converting excess plant materials. Please read on to find out more about composters in Minecraft. 

The composter stands

You have to put seven wood chunks of any kind in a U shape on your crafting table and leave the top and center squares open, to make a composter. In the crafting table, you can make wooden pieces by setting up three wooden boards along the bottom line. 

The composter can be used to get fertilizers by adding plant ingredients to the composter. You can add different items as different items in the game have different change in adding fertilizer. 

You can add hoppers to your composter to collect the bone meals from the composter.

Making a composter in Minecraft 1.14

Before we proceed you need to know that a composter is available in certain versions of Minecraft. It is available on Java Edition (PC/Mac Windows 10 Edition, and Education Edition), Pocket Edition (PE), Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch. Now let us proceed to build a composter in Minecraft 1.14.

The process of making a composter requires some materials. The required materials in Java Edition are hereunder:

  • 3 Oak Planks
  • 3 Spruce Planks
  • 3 Birch Planks
  • 3 Jungle
  • 3 Acacia Planks
  • 3 Dark Oak Planks
  • 4 Oak Fences
  • 4 Spruce Fences
  • 4 Birch Fences
  • 4 Jungle Fences
  • 4 Dark Oak Fences
  • 4 Acacia Fences

However, Bedrock Edition and Education Edition differ in their requirements to make a composter, and the requirements are hereunder:

  • 7 Oak Wood Slabs
  • 7 Spruce Wood Slabs
  • 7 Birch Wood Slabs
  • 7 Jungle Wood Slabs
  • 7 Acacia Wood Slabs
  • 7 Dark Oak Wood Slabs

It is to be noted here that you can use any kind of wood and you may not need them all. Now we move step by step to make a composter:

Step 1: Open the Crafting Menu

Open the crafting table, this is the first step of all. Open a 3×3 crafting grid.

Step 2: Add the ingredients

After you create a 3×3 crafting grid you need to put the ingredients in the crafting grid. Please see that you put the ingredients in the correct pattern. Once you do that you will be shown the composter in the result box.

Step 3: Moving the Composter to the Inventory

This is the final step and you must move the crafted item to your inventory. Now you have successfully crafted a Composter in Minecraft. 


If you are interested in levelling up your game then you can craft a composter and level yourself up. This a great item to supply you with bone meal. Hope we could provide you the details satisfactorily. Please enjoy your game.

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