How to Make Concrete in Minecraft – 2023 Recipe Guide

A definitive guide on Minecraft Concrete Recipe to make concrete by using Concrete Powder & obtain hardened concrete blocks... Read more →
how to make concrete in minecraft

Who wouldn’t love playing and building stuff around in Minecraft?

At least I do!

Maybe you are already aware about Minecraft. It is a simulation game in building stuff out of your imagination and it makes you creative and expands the horizons of your imagination. The key point is that name it and you can build it in Minecraft.

So, let us try building stuff of some kind in Minecraft using Concrete Powder. Yeah, you got that right, today in this guide we will learn how to make Concrete in Minecraft. You can build your favorite things using Concrete in Minecraft. But for that you will need Concrete powder then you can make hardened concrete out of it of any possible color.

If you are looking for crafting Concrete in this game then you must think like a real-world Architect. You can make a concrete block out of Concrete powder and then craft other blocks out of that block. All you need is contact with water. How realistic!

If you are aspiring to make a colorful world out of the Concrete Blocks then you can easily do so. There are 16 different colors the Concrete powder is available in.

Making Concrete from Concrete Powder in Minecraft

You will require a recipe in the first place to make Concrete powder and then out of that make Concrete. The Recipe contains 3 different materials which are available in the crafting board. When you create concrete blocks please don’t forget to choose the colors for the concrete powder and then you can make blocks out of it.

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The Recipe

In the first place, you will require the concrete powder to make concrete as it may be evident to you by now. For the powder you will require the following materials:

  • Sand (4 Blocks)
  • Gravel (4 Blocks)
  • Dye (1 of any color)

These are three basic materials required for concrete powder. Next, we might wonder where can we find it. Read on to find it out…

Finding Sand Blocks

You need 4 blocks of sand in the recipe to create concrete powder. Sand is perhaps the most abundant of all in Minecraft! It can be found out in regions adjoining a pond or in the islands. Besides these paces there is a place called Desert Biomes where sand can be found in great amount. So, for 4 blocks of sand that is a lot of places to find sand out.

Finding Gravel Blocks

You will also require 4 gravel blocks to produce some concrete powder. Gravel is most commonly found under the water, mountains, beaches, NPC villages, or in pits that are naturally occurring. Therefore, even for gravel also you have an ample number of places to find for you making some concrete powder.

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Dye color

Lastly, dye color is required to complete the recipe for making concrete powder. So, if we are into making concrete blocks, we need to decide in the first place what should be the color of the concrete blocks.

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Dyes are those items in this game of Minecraft that can be used to change the color of block, items or mobs. The dye you like can be obtained by crafting, smelting or trading. If you are looking for black or white dyes then you should know that they are the most common of all dyes and they can be obtained from the bones and ink sacks respectively. Whereas other colored dyes such as red or yellow can be obtained from the flowers having the same color. Likewise, you can obtain different colors from different items occurring naturally.

You will require at least one dye to craft eight blocks of concrete.

Crafting some Concrete Powder

4 Blocks Sand + 4 Blocks Gravel + 1 Light Blue Dye

Now that you have collected all the materials as described by the recipe, it is time to craft concrete powder.

  • You are required to open the crafting table to make the powder.
  • Next, add 4 blocks of sand and 4 blocks of gravel plus 1 dye of any color you like.
  • You need to pour these ingredients i.e. 4+4+1, into the 9 square boxes (see image for reference)
  • After doing so, you will obtain only 8 pieces of concrete powder.

Crafting Concrete Blocks

Now when you have got concrete powder it is time to make some concrete blocks, hard and vibrant in nature, and you can build anything out of these blocks. These Concrete Blocks are obtained by simply pouring water on top of the concrete powder.

Note: In Minecraft, gravity affects the concrete powder. Therefore, you should take proper care as proper support is required while pouring water. You need to add enough water into the concrete powder and then it will solidify and after it solidifies you will get concrete blocks.

Using a Pickaxe is the best way to craft the concrete blocks. You can easily hold the concrete powder in one hand and the pickaxe on the other. Using both the hands simultaneously, with powder in one and pickaxe in another, allows you to continuously mine the concrete blocks.

There is an option to make concrete make more concrete blocks in bulk. Find a tower. Put the concrete powder in the tower. Pour water slowly from the top of the tower. The water will traverse through the concrete powder and solidify it in the process. Thus you can have a tower full of concrete blocks.


These were the ways of making concrete in Minecraft. We hope that the walkthrough was pleasant for you through this guide to farm blocks of concrete which are usable and colorable. If you have easier way to mix some concrete then please feel free to share with us in the comments. And if you like our work feel free to share it with your friends.

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