How to Make Smooth Stone in Minecraft

The step-by-step process for the Smooth Stone Recipe to craft a furnace and obtain some stones for refining into Smooth Stone.
how to get smooth stone in minecraft

Ever wonder while playing Minecraft that how can you make smooth stone? Well, it’s pretty simple to make one. Our guide will help you to craft a smooth stone in Minecraft easily but this will require some kind of materials which are needs to be collected first.

Smooth Stone is a very useful block in Minecraft which you can obtain from the different stone material by refining it. One of them is Cobblestone which is the most common Stone type and can be easily found in Minecraft.

We’ve split this guide into 4 steps which are fairly simple steps to follow and you’ll end up crafting some smooth stone for your next building.

Smooth Stone Minecraft Guide

To make the smooth stone you’ll have to collect some sort of things that you usually do every time while following any Minecraft recipe.

You’ll need to have Stone, Coal, and Furnace, these things are fairly enough to complete the process of making smooth stone in Minecraft.

Step 1: Collect the Materials

As we discussed above making smooth stone in Minecraft requires the 3 things: Stone, Coal, and a Furnace. Let’s find out where you can get all of these.

Find Cobblestone

First thing first, you’ll need to get the Cobblestone which will be required to craft a furnace and you can refine it into a smooth stone. Cobblestone is one of the common blocks you can find in the Minecraft world.

You can find it wither by mining ordinary stone or in dungeons. Also, Cobblestone can be found in the Villages, Jungle temples, and Strongholds.

Make sure you should have a pickaxe to mine the cobblestone. However, you can also mine it without a pickaxe it that mining will be way slower and time-consuming and you’ll barely get Cobblestone.

Get Coal

Once you have Cobblestone now let’s collect some coal to ignite your furnace. Coal is the most common mineral in Minecraft that can be obtained by mining the coal ore. Most likely you can find the coal ore on the faces of mountains, hills, and caves & underground.

Coal ore can be identified as the black specks present in the blocks which you can mine through a pickaxe. Charcoal work similar to Coal which can be obtained from smelting logs in the furnace.

Step 2: Make a Furnace

So you have collected the all necessary elements, now it’s time to craft a furnace by using the collected Cobblestone.

To make a furnace, place 8 Cobblestone blocks in the Crafting grid with leaving the middle slot empty. Have a look at the below image.

This will make a furnace.

Step 3: Make Stone From Cobblestone Using Furnace

Your furnace is ready to light up. You can use the coal to fire up the furnace, just put the coal block into the bottom slot of the furnace table.

In the top slot add all the cobblestone you have left in order to turn them into a stone. Once you place both items to their appropriate slots, the furnace will start burning and it will obtain some stones for you.

Step 4: Make Smooth Stone From Stone Using Furnace

The last step of this process is refining. The stone you have made from Cobblestone using a furnace is now can be refined into smooth stone. Just repeat the above process and put the obtained stone in the top slot and coal in the bottom slot.

The furnace will start burning and make smooth stone for you.

In case you’re wondering how to make a smooth stone slab. Just place 3 smooth stones in the crafting slab like the below image.


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