How to Fix Unable to Save Download Error in Minecraft

Here's an easy fix for the unable to save download Minecraft error in Minecraft Java Edition. If you're also facing the same check it out.
unable to save download minecraft

Unable to Save Download is one of the common error messages that occur while you play Minecraft. We all know that how much we love playing Minecraft and that’s the reason you’re here and reading this guide.

What if your enjoyment playing Minecraft gets paused? Unluckily this may happen sometimes when an error message comes on your screen while you start the Minecraft which says “Unable to Save Download” and this is a frustrating feeling ever and some craziest people might even break their screen.

But Don’t worry you don’t have to break your screen or don’t have to face this issue because we have the solution to get rid of this problem.

In this guide, we’re going to show your various ways that will help you to fix this unable to save download Minecraft problem.

How to Fix this Error?

There might be n number possible ways to resolve this issue but we’ll only share the ones which are potentially helpful to fix this Minecraft error.

Solution #1: Update Minecraft

Updating Minecraft will improve the performance the fixed the bugs, so make sure to keep your game up to date with the latest version. Also keep eye on the patch notes to know what improvements this update brings to the game, how much the performance game will improve, and so on.

Solution #2: Run Compatibility Troubleshooter

If Windows has errors then it does also have the solutions. It sounds may sound crazy to you but sometimes running the program with compatibility trouble can resolve the issue that you’re getting while running it. To run the compatibility troubleshooter for Minecraft in Windows 10…

  • Right-click on the Minecraft Application, select Properties
  • Go to the Compatibility Tab and check the box “Run this program as an administrator”
  • Then click on the run Compatibility troubleshooter, a new window will open
  • Click on the Next and select the Recommended Settings option.
  • Try to run the Minecraft

This should fix this this Minecraft download error problem.

Solution #3: Update Java

If you have the Minecraft Java version installed on your computer and getting unable to save download errors then most probably the Java version has been outdated on your computer. To update the Java on your computer, follow the below steps.

Click on the System Tray Icon in the taskbar

Then right click on the Java icon and select the Properties

A windows should open, there you’ll see an Update Now button, simply click on it

First it will check for the new update if availble then it will start downloading.

Once the Java updated, reboot your PC and then again update the Minecraft game (follow Solution #1) this will solve your Unable to Save Download error problem.

Solution #4: Reinstall Minecraft

Last but not least, if your problem still not resolved, the last thing you can try is to uninstall the Minecraft app then install again the fresh version.

  1. Click on the Start button then go to Settings
  2. Now go to the Apps section, search for Minecraft and click on uninstall
  3. Alternatively, you can uninstall Minecraft by typing the appwiz.cpl in Run(Press Win +R) and hit enter.
  4. Once it is uninstalled, reboot your PC

Now you can again try to install its fresh copy from the Windows Store.

install minecraft

Hopefully, you’ve got the best ways fix Unable to Save Download in Minecraft, if you liked this post then don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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