How Many Players Can Play in Muck Per Server

TL;DR - 8 players can be in one Muck server.
How Many Players Can Be In A Muck Server?

Survival games are the heart of any gaming community. When the very famous YouTuber Dani was poked by someone who claimed that he couldn’t make a game, he set out and got the best version in him and developed this free-to-survival game played in a rouge manner called the MUCK. It has a lot of foreshadowing of other games and their specific mechanics. Still, the progress of whatever you do throughout the game disappears when you die, making it a challenging game to wield ultimately. The game is available in both single-player and multiplayer options and thus is a treat for gamers.

How Many Players Can Be in a MUCK Server?

Once you enter the game, you are dropped in a beautiful and well-crafted world of abandoned buildings, enemies walking free in the night, and dense forests where you have to gather specific tools and fight them off to survive. This game might look easy to play initially but can get tricky because you don’t have any equipment and tools from your previous games, making all your earlier progress go in vain. You have to develop your character again every time a new world gets generated, which can be difficult.

This game is a little similar to the usual Minecraft servers when we compare. The gamers not only like to play new games, but they love to develop them too. Making a whole new survival game could be a huge task and requires a lot of time and patience but developing servers on Minecraft is what makes it easier for them to move towards game development. MUCK is something similar to it, and while you are playing it, you can see some similarities with other survival and PvP games because the ideas and the tools are adapted from them.

MUCK isn’t as big and bulky as Minecraft, so their servers aren’t equipped to handle many people at once. In Minecraft, your servers can have several people, and you can go around sharing it without the fear of overloading and crashing the game. Since MUCK is comparatively a minor game, when you create a server, you have to share your ID or the code with your friends through personal messages or share it on steam as an open invitation for other gamers if you want to play randomly.

Since there isn’t a lot of provision on what you can and cannot do, around eight players, the MUCK server can accommodate, and if you get lucky enough not to do anything too complicated and intensive, about ten people can play once. If you try including more people, your server will start lagging, and eventually, it will freeze and crash. You don’t want to do that, so stick to the limit provided.

If people start randomly entering and can’t control the numbers anymore because of how you shared the ID randomly, that could also result in the crashing of the server. You can make yourself or someone else the admin, and then they can regulate who enters and who doesn’t. Any breach to your server could be thrown out, and this will prevent it from stopping. 

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