New Pokémon Snap: Blushing Beach (Day) Requests Guide

The New Pokémon Snap the Blushing Beach (Day) brings about excitement and adventure as you have to scan and capture moments.
How To Complete Every Request In Blushing Beach (Day)

You will only get access to the New Pokémon Snap game once you finish photographing the glowing Crystabloom and getting your hands on the Illuminating Orbs in the Founja Jungle (Night). It is a simple and easy game that consists of 16 different Pokémon that are hidden deep inside the beaches and the ocean. You will also find sex snapping requests throughout the game.

Most of the levels would not be unlocked if you haven’t played a few other research levels. So, you need to finish them first before starting these levels. All these levels are simple and easy and with a few tips and tricks, it will be easy to finish it with an ample amount of time at your side. You will need the specific locations of a few Pokémon and you might find this complicated. 

How To Complete Every Request In Blushing Beach (Day)

There are only 6 requests that players have to complete in the Blushing Beach (Day) in the New Pokémon Snap, here the following.

Near The water’s Edge Request

You need to reach and finish research level 3 to complete the Near the Water’s Edge for Phill. Once this is one you need to take the route that goes to the beach and at the end find a Pikachu that is in the sand playing near the two Alolan Raichu. The task is to get the Pikachu out of the sand and also near the Stunfisk that is enjoying the sun and the sand.

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You can lure the Pikachu with the help of the Pokémon and the use of Fluffruit and make a path for the Pikachu to follow. You can make this process quick by using your NEO-ONE turbo function to speed up the process. You can get Pikachu’s attention by scanning and distracting it. Once this is done, the Pikachu hops on the surfboard along with the Stunfisk. When this happens you can capture the moment. You are good to go.  

Wingull loop-the-loop request

It is one of the easiest levels of all and can be completed in research-level 1 itself. Wingulls will not form any sort of formation during the start. You need to use the Melody Player to make it perform the loop-the-loop. Lure it into a specific location and then use the player to perform the task. 

It is a little bit tricky to capture this as the loop formation is difficult to manifest because of its maneuver. You can try again and again till you reach the perfect snap that will make you finish your mission and complete Phil’s request. 

Three in a Row Request

In this particular request, you need to lure the Pokémon with the help of Fluffruit to a specific location to finish the three-in-a-row request to finish Rita’s quest. You need to capture the three exeggutor sleeping in a row on the beach to finish this task. You can finish this task at the beginning itself. You might not be able to capture it at first but with dedication, you will perfect the shot. 

One of the three exeggutor is already asleep and it is an advantage to you. You have to get the two more exeggutor to fall asleep beside the already asleep exeggutor. You need to guide them towards their respective positions with the help of fluffruit. Do not let them eat the fluffruit as it might take time. But lure them enough to fall asleep. Once all the three Exeggutor are sleeping in a row, capture the moment and you are good to go!

Say Cheese! Request

To complete this level of Say Cheese! Request guide you need to get a shot of Bellossom that will react to the scan function. This might sound easy but all the three Bellossom are busy dancing at the beginning of the game.  The two bellossom are also waiting to help out by spreading their wings out. 

As you get your hands on the bellossom you will find something coming out of the bushes that are present behind them. You can either scan the area to reveal it. You can use the Meloy Player to lure the two Bellossom to move forward and they will be willing to pose for you when you scan the area. Capture this moment for Professor Mirror and you are good to go!

Most Marvelous muscles Request

You will find a Machamp on the beach in level 1 itself. But you don’t need the Machamp until you reach level 3 for the Most marvelous Muscle Guide. You can find this by following the default route or the alternate route but you need to scan the area first if you are taking the alternate route. You will find the Machamp flexing its muscles, but it needs to turn around to capture the Marvelous Muscles. 

Fluffruit or Melody Player is not going to work at this level, you will have to get back to the Illuminating Orbs to lure the Machamp to turn around. You need to hit the Machamp with an Illuminating Orb, do not miss the shot. All you need to hit it once and that is enough for it to turn around. Snap and click the muscular Muscles. Once done throw a fluffruit for it to catch and dive into the water. 

Hiding in the Sand Request

To finish the Hiding in the Sand request you need to take the alternate route. You can tackle this level from research level 1 itself. Once you take the alternate route you need to look for an octillery in the crystabloom just on the right. Once with the help of the scan function, you will be able to find the stunfisk from the ground. This isn’t the end, you still have a long way to finish this request. 

After the Stunfisk has come up from the ground you have to hit it with the fluffruit and make it angry. You need to throw the fluffruit when it is on the sand such that it hits it and in the water, it floats. Once hit the Stunfisk will surprise the Octillery and the players will have to capture the moment. Once done you are good to go! You have completed the Professor’s request. 

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