New Pokémon Snap: Blushing Beach (Night) Requests Guide

Here are a few other requests as to how to complete the clicking contest in the New Pokémon Snap game. Keep reading to know more about the tips and tricks regarding it.
Every Request In Blushing Beach (Night)

In Blushing Beach (Night) Requests Guide you need to find the moments and capture them by using the resources provided to you in the game. We have already discussed the various Pokémon Snap games before. You need to capture seven snaps altogether. It is simple and easy but a few levels require the player to reach level 2 for a few. It wouldn’t take you long to provide these snaps as you will be able to spot them easily. 

In this mission, you will have you make use of multiple Pokémon for finishing your task. This game is not as complicated as it sounds, you just need to use your resources accordingly without any wastage. You will have to get your hands on multiple Illumina Orbs as well to get these shots as they will help in capturing the moment precisely. You will be able to finish it pretty quickly given you played the previous games. 

How To Complete Every Request In Blushing Beach (Night)

There are only 7 requests that players have to complete in the Blushing Beach (Night) in the New Pokémon Snap, here the following.

An Easy Mistake to Make Request

To finish this task and Todd’s request guide for this, you will need to make a path or trail with the help of fluffruit so that the Crabrawler is near to Exeggutor. You can use the help of Pokémon to direct it. The Crabrawler should reach the path you designed easily. If you face any trouble you need to restart the game and play it right.

When the Crabrawler reaches its destination then it pinches the Exeggutor with the help of its claws that will activate the Pokémon to chase it. Snap a picture of the Pokémon chasing the Crabrawler to finish Todd’s request. The Exeggutor should also be present in the snap. You can also snap the Crabrawler pinching the Exeggutor. All these pictures will provide you with a lead towards three to four-star rated pictures. 

Sitting & Waiting Request

You should have cleared level 2 to play Sitting and Waiting level. Your major skill of aiming will be tested at this level. You need to hit the Primarina which is present at the beginning of the course with an Illumina Orb such that it descends into the water. The Vivillon moves first and then you will be given 10 attempts to snap a picture of the Primarina. If you miss then restart the game again. 

After this is done you might want to go with the alternate route to the private beach. On the beach, you will notice another Primarina singing to the crow nearby and lighting the Crystabloom which changes the songs. This is when the Zangoos will have a grin on its face and this is your chance to snap the Zangoose smiling. You can also click the Primarina and Zangoose in a single picture to obtain a four-star picture. 

When Archenemies Meet Request

Similar to the Sitting and Waiting Level, you need to finish research level 2 to complete this level for todd. It starts in the same way, you need to hit the Primarina with an Illuminating Orb such that it falls into the water, Vivillon should move first, and then you need to capture the fall. The Zangoose starts to walk away from it as well. 

Before the Zangoose walks away throw a fluffruit at it near the stone-arch present exactly near the Crystabloom. If you cannot find it then remind yourself of the two bellossom that were hiding during the Day course. When the fluffruit is hit by the Seviper it emerges from the bushes and starts attacking the moving Zangoose. They both get into a battle with each other. You need to capture this battle scene as both of them are fighting. Cover seviper the most. 

Inkay by Moonlight Request

Like all the other requests that have been made in the New Pokémon Snap, Inkay by Moonlight is a similar one. You need to reach a said location and you should let the Pokémon eat the Fluffruit thrown down. The task is to get a group of five Inkay together such that when you use the Melody player they fly into the sky giving you time to capture it. It takes time but you can do it.

You need to feed a fluffruit to the Inkay before passing the stone-arch at the beach to the right. After the arch is passed you will find another Inkay, you need to feed the fluffruit to it too. You need to throw the fluffruit to the rest of the Inkay. The last Inkay is present near the rock of Pyukumuku near the rock of Octillery and the Crystabloom. After a certain point, you will find the Inkay in a decent formation and that is your chance to capture and click the snap when they are out of water. 

A Casual Gesture Request

You can complete this at research level 1 itself for Rita. You can use the default pathway to finish this. You need to Illuminate the Crystabloom by the Octillery. This results in the shooting of the ink into the air and then it scratches its head. You can capture this moment.

You can also get the photo of the Octillery in research-level 2, For this to happen, you need to throw one or two fluffruit at the seviper that comes out of the bush. It will reach the rock near the Octillery which illuminates the crystabloom resulting in the cry that shoots ink attack and then scratches its head. Capture the attack in which Seviper is there and also capture the gesture to get the perfect shot!

Fins Aflutter Request

You can capture a picture by just hitting the Finneon with the Illumina Orb and then use the Melody Player. This alone is useful, you need to take another approach to finish Todd’s request of Fins Aflutter. You need to first find the Octillery on the beach and hit the Sandygast with the fluffruit to make the sandcastle Pokémon visible. 

If everything goes accordingly then the Octillery will rush into the water as it gets scared which will, in turn, scare a finneon present nearby. Three of them will fly into the air and the player will have to capture this moment. They are almost closed-up and knitted together, hence achieving this picture is quite easy compared to others. You can opt for a wide shot too. 

Bigger! Even Bigger! Request

Once you finish research level 2, you will be able to spot Sandygast easily at each course you find. When that happens the Bigger! Even Bigger! Request guide starts to become available. At this level, you will be needing a photo of Sandygast getting its hand on a Pokémon. You will have to head to the last and final section of the game and influence the Crabrawler to the Sandygast with the help of the path you create with the help of fluffruit. 

You can identify the Sandygast when you notice a red color spade that is present on the ground. Crabrawler reveals its true form when it gets closer to the Sandygast. The crabrawler starts throwing sand on the Sandygast which increases in its size. When it is at its highest size you need to click a picture to finish the mission and complete tod’s request. You can click Crabrawler throwing sand as it results in a four-star picture. 

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