New Pokémon Snap: Sweltering Sands (Day) Requests Guide

Complete the task by snapping ten pictures altogether, in the new Pokémon Snap game. You will be faced with many problems to finish the snaps.
How To Complete Every Request In Sweltering Sands (Day)

The sands like Sweltering desert is the New Pokémon Snap which requires the players to collect 10 snaps. They are simple and easy to find and fulfill. You can finish them even before you reach level 3. Only minimal items like Ilumina Orbs are required. You need to finish this mission to reach the Sweltering Sands (Night) course.  

You can find the majority of your tasks accomplished in the first section of the course and also require very little of your skill. It is purely based on attention and grasping the little clues. This is advantageous to the players as it allows them to restart the game if they get hit. However, the possibility of it is less as it is the most simple and easiest of them all. 

How To Complete Every Request In Sweltering Sands (Day)

There are only 10 requests that players have to complete in the Sweltering Sands (Day) in the New Pokémon Snap, here the following.

Sprinting in Surprise Request

You can finish this request at the level itself but you need to go back and click the Heliolisk that is sleeping in the middle of the oasis. But you need to return to the same spot and finish this mission by throwing fluffruit into the water such that Magikarp will come out. 

Where should you exactly throw the Fluffruit? Throw where you can spot Kngaskhan or the backside of the pool would be an ideal place if you did not go so far. Ater the Magikarp comes out, it will splash the water all over and as a result, the Heliolisk is awakened and runs across the surface of the water. Get this shot and finish Rita’s mission. 

Striking A Pose With Its Tail Request

You need to reach level 2 to complete the Striking a pose with Its Tail request for todd. After reaching level 2 unlock the illuminating Orbs by clicking a picture of the glimmering Crystabloom in the Sands. Once that is done you will be granted the Illuminating Orbs to light three Cystablooms near the entrance of the route and this opens up into the sandstorm, Flygon. 

Don’t waste your time worrying about the mystic Pokémon, rather focus on finding the Skorupi that enters the sandstorm. After a few minutes the Mandibuzz drops another one nearby and this is your main task to hit them with the Light Orbs. When you do this one or both of them will lift their tails for you to capture the perfect shot!

The Flying Cacnea R

The flying Cacnea appears when there is a sandstorm in the Sands. After you reach level 2 you will spot a Flying Cacnea sitting peacefully in the sand. You need to keep your focus on the Cacnea. After a while, a sandstorm starts which shifts the position of the Flying Cacnea. The Cacnea will be sucked into the storm and this is the moment when you will have to take a snap. It is not going to last long so be quick when it comes to the snap. By snapping the Flying Cacnea you will be able to fulfill Rita’s request. If you miss your chance you need to restart from the beginning. Be aware!

Oasis Buddies Request

To complete the Oasis buddy request all you have to do is capture the Torchic standing on the head of the Hippowdon. You have to get your hands on the Green Illumina Orbs. Once you have the Orbs travel back to the oasis area and hit the Torchic with the illumined Orb and then hit the Hippowdon with the Orb. This will make Torchic run towards the water. By hitting Torchic with another Orb makes it stand on the head of the Hippowdon for you to capture this surreal moment. The time is perfect to get an amazing shot. 

Where did the Fluffruit Go? Request

It is one of the most difficult missions of all time in the history of Sands. It is complicated not because of the additional skills needed but because it is extremely difficult to get a good picture at the end. You can attempt as many times as you want. With practice, I am sure you will be able to capture one perfect shot.  

First, you need to light up the Orbs which in turn lights up the Crystablooms at the beginning of the course. When you light up the blooms Flygon comes forward and you need to hit him with Fluffruit until he grabs one and runs away. Next wait for Flygon to approach you near the craters. It will give the grabbed fluffruit to the two Trapinch in the crater. You should time your shot perfectly such that the Flygon and both the Trapinches moment will be captured. Thus, it is the most difficult shot of all the snaps. 

A Finicky Flame Request

When you throw a fluffruit towards the Torchic it will grab the fruit and eat it. But that is not what a Finicky Flame test is about. You need to make the Torchic burn and flame the fruit into a crisp and then consume it. For this, you need to play the Sands (night) course, snap a glowing Crystabloom to unlock the green Light Orbs. 

Once you have the Orb get back to Sands(day) and hit the Torchic with the Orb you obtained. Immediately throw a fluffruit and you will be able to see the fruit turning crisp because of the glowing flame. Capture the picture of the fire and return Professor Mirrors’ favor to finish Phil’s mission.

Lycanroc’s Reply Request

You can take the alternate route to complete Lycanroc’s Reply request as the default route can be longer than usual. But you need to scan the oasis at the beginning of the game to make this decision. Keep your hands on the camera and get ready as a huge dune is coming your way and keep using the scan option to be aware of your surroundings. 

If everything goes well then you can spot Lycanroc walking towards the top until he can spot crystabloom. Hit the bloom with the Light Orb. See if Lycanroc has stopped his movement. Once he reaches the edge of the rock, he will let out two long and strong howls. You need to capture at least one to finish the request of Professor Mirror. 

Munching Mandibuzz Request

Once you reach level 3, you can spot the walking Mandibuzz on your right near the oasis. You need to be able to catch it fast and you can unlock one of your resources i.e., NEO-ONE’s Turbo function. You need to throw a fluff fruit at the Mandibuzz, not on it but near it and when the Mandibuzz spots the fluffruit, it will scoop it up and eat. This is your moment to capture as it is quick and requires quintessential attention. To get a better picture, repeat the process such that the Mandibuzz comes flying to grab the fluffruit and take a snap. 

Totally cool Tyranitar Request

This mission will be done quickly if you use the alternate route instead of the default route. You need to reach level 2 and scan the oasis area. Upon reaching this area you will find the Lycanroc walking towards the sleeping tyranitar. You can influence the Tyranitar with the help of a fluffruit. 

Once the Lycanroc comes in contact with the sleeping tyranitar, conflict arises and the lycanroc goes and hides behind a rock. The tyranitar with the influence of the players destroys the rock and finishes the Totally cool Tyranitor. You can help the tyranitar by throwing an Illumina Orb after the Lycanroc has left. Click the moment of destruction and you are good to go. 

Onix’s Mighty Leap Request

To finish this last and final mission you need to take the alternate route and to do that you need to finish the research level 2 in both the night and the day courses, if not you won’t be able to unlock the courses alternate route. Afterward, you need to scan the area as you will near a big dune that leads you towards the Onix area from the Sweltering desert (Night) course.

After letting the oasis go the steep present in front of the sand dune. You will notice two Mandibuzz as soon as you reach the edge of the steep. You need to throw fluffruits at them. The birds keep flying above. 

After the birds flew, throw another fluffruit on the Mandibuzz present at the left. If you hit the Mandibuzz accordingly, they will begin their flight together as you exit the course. If you turn around quickly you will see the Onix jumping into the sky-high as it tries to catch the Mandibuzz. Capture this moment and you are good to exit the course with a handful of pictures in your bag.  

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