New Pokémon Snap: Sweltering Sands (Night) Requests Guide

You have got the easiest task in the Sweltering sands, grab this opportunity and obtain five snaps to complete the task.

The New Pokémon Snap requests you to bring about only five photo requests from Sweltering Sands. This is the easiest part and not complicated at all. Although you might take one or two attempts to perfect it. Keeping track of what the game wants from you and also having in place a strategy that would help you to move forward is always advisable. By keeping all these things in mind, you will be able to complete the task pretty quickly. 

You should not go any further than the oasis during the first step of the mission. Stick to your course and you can prefer an alternate course if needed. But you can keep up the default course route provided by the game and win all thee five requests easily and quickly. Although the Rainbow Meteor Shower request might take up some time, this too will get simple as you go on and keep attempting and finding the buried Minior in the New Pokémon Snap. 

How To Complete Every Request In Sweltering Sands (Night)

There are only 5 requests that players have to complete in the Sweltering Sands (Night) in the New Pokémon Snap, here the following.

Revenge of Silicobra Request

Once you proceed to the next level of the sweltering sands, you will find a sleeping Silicobra at your right. You have to hit it with a fluffruit such that it will be awake and dives into the sand. You have to follow up and use the scan option to find the tongue of the Silicobra outside the sand. Hit it once more. If both the impacts are on point then you can find the Silicobra slowly crawling out of the sand and into the oasis. 

You can stick to your default route or take an alternative to complete the Revenge of Silicobra even easier. Once out of the sand, the Silicobra starts to fight with the lycanroc and that is when you need to capture them at the moment for the perfect snap. Use the scan option to find the best routes which lead up to the Silicobra. Capture all the snaps and utilize them at the end of the game.

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Kangaskhan’s Parenting Request

To finish this request you have to dig up the core of minior from the earth. It will be colored and it is present at the beginning of the game. It is easiest to spot as the first one would be orange in color and crashes into Skorupi. The red-colored core crashes into the ground after the illumination of the Crstalblooms. You need to scan the area as soon as it hits the ground and then use the Illuminate orb to hit the points. The red core is considerably faster than the orange one and you can use a NE-ONE Turbo function to match its speed.

After the unearthing of the Minior, the users should move forward to another dune that further leads to another oasis. You can use the alternate use route to get as close to Kangaskhan as possible only to see the minior floating above the water. When this happens the Kangaskhan will start to play with the child that is when you snap. You can use fire to illuminate the sight of the picture. You can use a fluffruit as bait and make sure not to hit him with it. Use melody player to get the attention of Kangaskhan. You can see the child eating the fluffruit and you can snap it at the right time. 

Roll and Request

Roll and Stop requests can be completed in not one but numerous places throughout the game but the most valuable and arguably the best place would at the beginning of the game. You will encounter three cute rolling Sandshrew pretty early in the game and can begin their run and aim. It should not take you long to get the snap request from them. It is one of the easiest tasks in the entire game.

What do you need to do? You have to hit one of the three rolling Sandshres with the help of a Fluffruit and take its snap when it stops rolling and is paused and looking in your direction. They roll in a single straight course so it should not be difficult for you to spot and hit. If you have a good skill to hit a moving object this task is a cakewalk for you.  

Hide and seek in the Desert Request

It isn’t easy but it is not that complicated to finish the hide and seek request in the Sweltering sands at night. You will be provided with an ample amount of time to take a picture and escape. You don’t have to do anything else in this task but to spot and click. That is why it is named Hide-and-seek as you need to seek the Trapinch that is hidden.

When you use the default route you will encounter the oasis near which a Trapinch is half-buried in the ground slightly towards the left side near water. What exactly should you do? Scan the area if you do not find the Trapinch, do not hit it with an orb or fluffruit, rather snap the picture of a Pokémon when it is still half-buried and twist it such that it ends in a run. 

Rainbow Meteor Shower Request

To complete the Rainbow Meteor Shower request the players need to collect all the ten Miniors that are buried in the earth. They need to unearth these miniors at the beginning of the course. Use the scan option as needed to identify the hidden spots and you need to throw illumine orbs until they pop in the right direction. One of them must crash near the ground such that two more can be summoned by Illuminating the crystal blooms that in turn reveals Flygon. You can find a few buried at the beginning of the course behind you if you look properly.

Once you have found them all you will be able to see the colors of the rainbow after passing through the big dune. It keeps floating in the sky of the oasis for quite some time such that you can capture the perfect shot. Make sure when you click all the colors of the rainbow will be visible and that it is closer to the camera and it identifies the Pokémon. It is important to capture this as it completes the Photodex. 

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