New Pokémon Snap: Hard-Won Happiness Request Guide

Wondering how to get your hands on the New Hard-Won Happiness request guide in the new Pokémon Snap? Read further into the article to know more.
How to complete Hard-Won Happiness Request

A lot of people have requested and the new Pokémon Snap is fulfilling Professor Mirror’s request at snapping pictures and it might not recover all the secrets of the game. 

The most important thing that a player should understand while playing the New Pokémon Snap is to snap a rare picture of a pidgeot looking happy and friendly. You can get your hands on the Hard-won Happiness Request by capturing the rare sight of Pidgeot by playing consistent and regular Pokémon. When will this happen?

How to Complete Hard-Won Happiness Request

When Pidgeot snags a Magikarp and gulps it down its mouth, it smiles at any photographer, that’s when you need to capture and complete Professor Mirrors’ request. 

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Locate the Pidgeot

You can get your hand on a Pidgeot in Florio Park. It is in this area that is primarily available in the game and where you can run through and look for a Pidgeot. You need to get into this park and find 3 Pidgeots to complete the mission. 

  • The first Pidgeot can be found near the entrance to the park. If you keep looking at your right chances are that you will encounter it. 
  • You need to watch the Pidgeot eat the fluffruit that you tossed in its direction. Watch it eat. 

The Second Meet

  • You can find the second Pidgeot sitting at the lake near the park. They’re relatively easy to sight and can be easily observed. 
  • Repeat the above step of tossing the fluffruit at the pidgeot and make sure you don’t flinch while watching it eat. Watch it eat to make it count. 

SMILE, please!

Hard-Won Happiness Request
Hard-Won Happiness Request

This is the last and final step of the game as you capture the smile of the Pidgeot. At the end of the park while looking out at the meadows you will find the last and final Pidgeot, if you have done all the above steps accurately it will eventually walk towards you, bow, and smile at you happily.

Request once more and get your hand on the Pokémon on the Florio Islands photo spot. Clickity click and voila you’re done!

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