How To Complete Hide-And-Seek In The Flowers In New Pokémon Snap?

Hide-And-Seek has always been the funniest game among kids in their childhood.
How to Complete Hide-and-Seek in the Flowers in New Pokemon Snap

Pokémon snap is one of the best theme-based games to be ever released. It has various kinds of requests which are easy and fun to complete. 

The graphics are next to perfect, and gamers will have a great time competing here. The new hide-and-seek in the flowers request is something like that only. There are numerous Pokémon roaming in the Lental region, and you have to snap them to gain rewards and points throughout. Most of the time, they are out in the open having fun wandering here-and-there but some of them prefer to remain hidden, and only come out if lured.

This new request is based on Pichu and is given by Rita. To unlock Pichu, you have to obtain the Illumina orbs by completing the challenge.

When Rita requests you to snap Pichu, this pop-up comes on your screen, which says, “I heard a Pokémon is playing a little game of hide-and-seek in the flower field. Let me know if you find it!” This cute, little yellow fluffball is small but quite notorious. Capturing him is a fun task, and you will have a lot of fun locating this yellow ball of sunshine.

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How to Complete Hide-N-Seek In The Flowers In New Pokémon Snap?

You can complete this request only at the end of the tour. You will have to reach level three of research and load into the Florio Nature Park where you have to reach the end area with flowery fields. You have to try and locate Pichu, who will be hiding in these flowers.

You have to locate Pichu without alerting Grookey and Scorbunny, who will also be present in the vicinity. If they spot you, you will fail the challenge and won’t complete the request. So, make sure to wait until you are on the opposite side of the flowers right behind Pichu.

Since Pichu is a Pokémon full of nuisance and games, he will be hiding and you can’t just locate him anywhere. You have to lure him out of his biome by throwing a fluff fruit. He will jump to catch it and it will hop out of the flowers and do a cute dance which will surprise the other two Pokémon who were wandering around. You have to capture Pichu dancing, and that is the behavior you will receive your ratings on.

If you are unable to locate Pichu in the beginning, you can throw an illumine orb at him to reveal him from the bush of lustrous and beautiful flowers. Other than this, you can also use a scanner to locate him. While clicking a picture of Pichu, you have to be at a considerable distance from him because even at that point, you don’t want to alert scorbunny and grookey, and that is the final stage of the request. You can’t lose after coming this far, right? 

After you are done clicking the perfect snap, you have to show this to Professor Mirror, and turn the snap-in, and receive exciting rewards which you can collect and store.

It is a simple request which most people can clear. These Pokémon don’t require many skills to capture and can be done by just having patience and alertness. The moment where you capture the pokemon is the sweetest and the most wholesome time in the whole game.

It is fun to complete a challenge that won’t only let you win but also engrave a memory in your mind which is hard to shake. It is one of the easiest tasks to clear, and you have to click a four-star rating picture to win.

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