New Pokémon Snap: Off To A Flying Startle Request Guide

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Off To A Flying Startle Request

Pokémon Snap and its very cute requests to snap pictures of Pokémon’s in their certain behaviors have won the hearts of one too many.

One such new request, which has been added to Pokémon Snap is off to a flying startle. In this, snapping a perfect and the requested picture of Tailow is no easy job because of its notorious behavior. Tailow is a tiny little bird and is quite elusive in the florio nature route of Pokémon Snap. Because of its disobedient nature, it becomes a huge task to click a photo of him. There are a lot of Tailows flying around, but clicking the right picture is a tough job and can be done only once.

It has been known that this request could be completed at lower ranks, but the most achievable and with the highest success rate has happened when the player reached level three. It can get frustrating and irritating because you get this request at the beginning of the game by Rita when you’re on level one. You will encounter Tailow innumerable times in level one, but clicking the right snap with fewer abilities and upgrades could become tough and tiresome. So, initially just focus on increasing your level and then getting the perfect and beautiful picture of Tailow.

This request is tougher than the rest because when Rita asks you to complete this task, she gives a very vague idea of what exactly she wants. She will let you know that she encountered a Tailow flying and was unable to capture the right picture midflight. 

How to Complete Off to a Flying Startle in New Pokémon Snap

While it seems to be an easy job, it gets tough when you have to locate Tailow. With the request picture, you can assume he is flying anywhere in the Florio nature park so pinpointing the exact location is impossible.

The title of this request is quite misleading, to be honest. You don’t encounter a flock of Tailow in the florio nature park as the name suggests. And even if you do, don’t fret too much for not taking a picture of that because that isn’t the request. The title is only to confuse the players and make this whole process more time-taking and tough to solve.

Now to spot Tailow, start walking through the Florio nature park in the day course and make your way up the bridge and past the windy path of Heracross. You have to walk through the first area to reach the Bidoof Dam area. Here you will see Pidgeots flying here and there who startle a group of Tailow. Dodrio will jump in and startle another group of Tailow. These might look like an important event because you just spotted Tailow after having this long expedition, but this isn’t your task. You can completely ignore these events. You have to continue walking until you reach the bridge, and this will be your cue to look out for Tailow.

Once you reach the middle of the bridge, three Tailows will draw close to you and start flying in a clockwise direction. You will have only two opportunities to capture the right picture so, as soon as this happens, start clicking pictures. If you are lucky enough, one of the Tailows will stop mid-air and look down upon you with its mouth open. If you click a picture of this event, you have completed the off to a flying startle request. Just in case you miss this chance, look behind and start clicking pictures again.

Clicking the picture of Tailow behind you is a lot easier than the one in front of you, but then that’s more high scoring, and you are ultimately looking for a good star rating photo. If the Tailow is hovering in your frame, you have completed the request.

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