How to Complete Stare Down For Venasaur Request in New Pokémon Snap

The Pokémon Snap has got a lot of picture requests that are the main challenges in this version.
Staredown for Venusaur Request Guide

 You have to locate the requested Pokémon and click its pictures in a particular behavior to get a high-ranked photo and extra credits for it. This game is quite interesting and fun as it becomes challenging to sometimes snap a picture of a Pokémon in a particular habitat because of the mischiefs of other naughty Pokémon’s in the vicinity.

If you want to complete the new Pokémon snap, you have to complete all the photo requests by getting all the pictures required in Photodex, and this can only be done by accepting and completing the NPC’s requests. 

One such request has been made, where you have to click a snap of the grass-type Pokémon, Venasaur, in the stare down for venasaur request. This Pokémon can only be accessed once you have reached research level 3 of your game and have unlocked the Founja Jungle Day course. Certain Pokémon’s are only available at a particular course and a particular level so it’s important to reach that before trying to find it and capture its snaps.

How to Complete Stare Down For Venasaur Request

Once you hop into the level 3 stage, the first Pokémon you will snap in the Founja Jungle’s day course will be an Arbok on the right side. You have to remove Arbok from your path, and you can do it by hitting it with a fluff fruit so that it slithers away and move ahead in the game, out of your way. As moving further upon this level, you will spot Arbok once again towards the right side of the course, and he would be trying to hide with the help of some foliage.

When you try scanning the Arbok with an X button, you will see the grass-type venasaur hiding behind a tree, and this is where you need to lure out venasaur. The first step to do that is by moving the arbok closer to venasaur, and this they can do by luring arbok with a fluff fruit so that it moves closer to the venture.

If you do this the right way, the arbok will move closer to the venasaur and eventually touch. It which will lead those two Pokémon to have a staredown just like the quest requires. It won’t happen for long because the Pokémon’s aren’t battling with each other and are just staring at each other.

Venasaur will probably try to run after a while so it is important to click the perfect snap when they are staring at each other before Venasaur dips. The best way to click a solid 4-star rating photo is to click a few snaps. You don’t want professor mirror getting picky after you are done with the challenge. This will only disappoint you. So click 2-3 photos in that same angle and present the best one and win this challenge single-handedly without any hassle.

Once the gamers are done with this challenge, they can either continue on the Founja Jungle path and search for more Pokémon’s to complete the requests or exit by clicking the pause menu and quit this expedition. You won’t lose any progress upon exiting, and all the pictures which you have clicked during the due course of the game will be saved and you can view them again later when you join the game. One course in the game has got a lot of Pokémon requests, and to unlock other paths, you have to complete all of the quests.

You have to present the best picture of this staredown to Professor Mirror and once you do that, you are one step closer to completing this whole game of New Pokémon Snap.

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