New Pokémon Snap: Three Friends Among Flowers Guide

How To Complete Three Friends Among Flowers Quest In New Pokémon Snap?
How to Complete Three Friends Among Flowers in New Pokémon Snap

New Pokémon snap is a game for Nintendo switch and is probably one of the cutest and easiest games to play. 

The new Pokémon snap’s rules are easy to follow and the premise is simple enough. You just have to click pictures of the Pokémon’s while exploring the Lental region and keep your Photodex filled and up to date.

Every photo you snap and collect has a grading system divided into two evaluation factors- the star rating and the numerical rating. If you have captured the Pokemon in behavior, that is rare and not known a lot, your star rating will increase, and your numerical rating will depend on the color and quality of the pictures.

One of the requests of the Florio Nature Park from Rita is to find a sock bunny laughing somewhere on the map and capture it. As this request says, three friends gather around the flowers to have a fun and lively time, and your job is simple, you just have to snap them having fun.

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You have to make sure your photos are 4-star ratings, and their behaviors are cute and high-rated. The photo in the request tab hints about the place on the map where we can find the Pokemon which is the flowery fields near the end.

Three Friends Among Flowers Guide
Three Friends Among Flowers Guide

The target pokemon in this task are Scorbunny, Pichu, and Grookey, and you will unlock these after completing the first request. The request text which will pop up on your screen will be, “I saw a scorbunny laughing out loud earlier! It was so cute! You’ve gotta see it for yourself.” Keep an eye out for this request and get going with the game. It isn’t a tough task to locate these pokemon and get the perfect and beautiful snaps. This request is easy to complete, and you would get amazing Pokemons in return.

The Steps To Capture The Three Friends Are:

  • The first step would be to enter the Florio Nature Park Day and pass through the stage to reach the final level that is the flower field as indicated in the request photo. Make sure to have your research levels up to a minimum of three, or else all three Pokémon won’t end up at the same spot.
  • You will find Pichu and rookery mostly together, but scorbunny is notorious and tough to locate. He would be running around in the flowery field by himself having the time of his life, so finding him still is a tough job.
  • If scorbunny and grookey appear in the flower field, then you have to keep a check on the pile of flowers on your left. Inside it, Pichu will be hidden who would only pop out if you throw a fluff fruit at him. This will make him appear and also alert scorbunny, who will get excited and surprised seeing both Pichu and rookery together and follow them to the nearest crystal blossom.
  • All three Pokémon would be admiring the flowers together, and it will be wholesome watching them stand together and burst out laughing for no apparent reasons at all. There will come a time where scorbunny will burst into streams of laughter, and the other two fluffballs will jump happily. It is your task, to capture this exact moment.

The task would be simple but so cute and wholesome, you will have the best time there. It is where you complete the task of three friends in a flower field and exit. After this, you have to show this picture to Professor Mirror and gain your credits. This is one of the sweetest and the cutest games ever.

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