Where to Find Pokémon in Founja Jungle (Day)

List of All Pokémon In Founja Jungle (Day) and where to find them.
Every Pokémon In Founja Jungle (Day) in New Pokémon Snap

The Founja Jungle of the daytime variant in Pokémon snap is one of the best gaming themes ever. There are over eighteen Pokémon waiting in this course to be snapped and discovered.

 The founja jungle is the second gaming course players will get to experience in Pokémon Snap and it is quite promising and interesting ground to play on. This course is divided into day and night parts, and the day gameplay can be unlocked only when the players reach the second level of research in the night park after unlocking the Illumina Pokémon. There are two routes to do this, and this will be unlocked with the due course of the game.

Where to Find Every Pokémon in Founja Jungle (Day) in New Pokémon Snap

Just like other courses of Pokémon Snap, you will only be able to see the Pokémon after reaching the second level.

Every Founja Jungle – Day Pokémon Location

Once you complete the game, you will get an opportunity to unlock a legendary Pokémon. This Pokémon does show up in the night park, but you can only interact with it in the day park. Legendary Pokémon are the peak of any Pokémon game and to unlock them is a huge deal. They are tough to tame, almost next to impossible so, even viewing them over the due course is exceptional.

Let’s discuss every Pokémon which is found in the day park of Founja Jungle.

BEAUTIFY- Beautify shows up at a lot of places throughout the founja jungle, and it is next to impossible to miss its presence. There are a lot of photo clicking opportunities for it throughout.

AIPOM- You can photograph aipom at the beginning or near the swamp where it will follow you.

ARBOK- They get obstructed by the foliage, but you can get good shots with a little attention.

METAPOD- They can be found hanging on trees on the left at the beginning of the course.

SLAKING- These lazy Pokémon will be found sleeping on the left around the first bend in the track. Its position of sleeping in the only trouble in clicking a picture.

PIKIPEK- The best picture could be clicked on the inside of the first bend.

BOUNSWEET- They are everywhere in the jungle, but around the swamp is the best place for a picture.

QUAGSIRE- They are found near the swamp and at the end of the waterfall.

LIEPARD- They are everywhere, but a decent picture could be clicked at the waterfall.

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MAGIKARP- There are three or four Magikarp in the waterfall area where they can be snapped.SOBBLE- They are hiding in the bushes before the swamp and can be captured there.

YANMEGA- They are near the swamp area and at the end of the waterfalls.

TOUCANNON- When you pass the area of the ancient ruins, there is a toucannon’s nest, and you can snap its photos there.

LEAFEON- They will be walking ahead of the players with neo one, and you can get some decent and beautiful shots of it from behind the waterfall.

VIVILLION- You have to take the swamp route and quickly nail down the Aipom which will obstruct your way with an Illumina orb. If tamed nicely, some grass will be cut off, and you can click beautiful pictures then.

VENUSAUR- If you don’t take the swamp route, you will find a venusaur on your right. There can be another one near the ancient ruins.

Bonus – Where to Find Mew in New Pokémon Snap

If you have completed all the tasks in the jungle night course and have also finished the interactions with mew like throwing a fluff fruit, he will start showing up in the day course as well. You will have a lot of mew sightings, but the best is in the beginning.

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