Where to Find Pokémon in Founja Jungle (Night)

Here's where to find All Founja Jungle (Night) Pokémon, with a full walkthrough of their locations and what you'll need to go reach them.
New Pokémon Snap Every Pokemon In Founja Jungle (Night)

New Pokémon snap is one the finest Pokémon games ever made. It has mostly the daytime theme, but this new Founja Jungle is a night variant and as good as the day one. 

It’s mostly the same in terms of rules and gameplay with only one or two differences at most. The Founja Jungle is the fifth-course players will get to explore and play in Pokémon Snap and will only be available to those gamers who have reached level two of research in Pokémon Snap’s Founja Jungle daytime variant. The Pokémon that will show up here and tasks will be similar to the daytime variant and only a few will be different from the existing ones. Their behaviour will also be mostly alike, with only a few major changes.

Where to Find Every Pokémon in Founja Jungle (Night) in New Pokémon Snap

There are over seventeen Pokémon that need to be photographed, and some of them only show up after you have reached research-level two.

Every Founja Jungle - Night Pokémon Location
Every Founja Jungle – Night Pokémon Location

The course is similar to the Jungle Course of the daytime variant, and the routes are unlocked in the same way as well. There are two routes that you need to open up in the course of your gameplay. The best and the most fun part of this game is that there is also a legendary Pokémon available, which you will see at the end, and you can interact with it to go back to the daytime. Legendary Pokémon are tough to find and hold major importance and a mystical value, so completing the game and seeing those is a big deal in Pokémon Snap.

Since there are a lot of Pokémon’s in this game, and every one of them needs to get snapped, let’s discuss in detail how to do that and where they can be found.


  1. MORELULL- It is a Pokémon that is found in abundance throughout the founja jungle and mostly, you find it wandering around the night forest at the beginning only. The best way to capture this Pokémon is in the starting before NEO ONE starts closing in.
  2. LIEPARD- liepard is found in almost the same spots like they are found in the daily course of the jungle.
  3. ARBOK- The obstructive foliage is the only problem otherwise it is a lot easier to capture the picture of an arbok in the nighttime than it is in the day. It is hanging from a tree, and the picture snapping process is easy.
  4. BOUNSWEET- The best way to capture bounsweet is in the higher research level when he is hanging in the ardios web.
  5. ARIADOS- When bounsweet hangs from ariados’s web, it makes it easier for players to capture both the Pokémon together.
  6. METAPOD- There are a few metapods at the beginning of the game to the left of the trees.


  1. LEAFEON- Leafeon will be there with no one at the beginning of the course and stays with it till the end. You can get great shots of leafeon from behind the waterfall.
  2. SWAMPERT- The swampert lazing in the swamp could be woken up with the help of a leafeon and then take some very nice shots of it.
  3. SLAKING- Slaking is also woken up and can be found around the swamp, and if you are using turbo, it gets easy to click its shots.

Where to Find Mew in Founja Jungle Night

Once the players complete the game, they will have an encounter with Mew, the legendary Pokémon. Once you complete the game, you will be encountered with the melody player, which will guide you to the beginning of the game.

You have to hit it twice with a fluff fruit in the beginning once in front of the swamps, and once at the end near the ancient ruins. Once you do this, mew will come flying to your face and will cause you to go back to the daily course of the Founja jungle.

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