Where to Find Pokémon In Lental Seafloor Undersea

An in-depth guide to New Pokémon Snap to locate every Pokémon In Lental Seafloor Undersea and how to catch them.
Where to get Pokemon In Lental Seafloor Undersea

New Pokémon Snap lets its players revisit their childhood and have the same experience mixed with recent gaming technology. 

This cute game has got various requests which the players have to fulfill throughout their gameplay. There are different tracks or courses in the game where gamers can find certain Pokémon. Some of the Pokémon are exclusive in their course and won’t be found anywhere else. The Lental seafloor undersea has the highest number of Pokémon in any course, and finding them all is a challenging and tough task.

Elsewhere forest was a complicated and tough course, Lental Seafloor undersea is different in terms of the difficulty level, but there are so many requests and Pokémon to find that it poses a major task. There are two routes to cover and more than 27 Pokémon to find and snap.

All Pokémon Location in Lental Seafloor Undersea

The majority of Pokémon appear in the undersea, but you have to explore every aspect and corner of this course. Lental seafloor gets unlocked only after reaching research-level two in Reef Day, and that they have to play four times to enter another area.


Pokémon In Lental Seafloor Undersea
Location of Pokémon In Lental Seafloor Undersea

FINNEON- Finneon can be spotted swimming around in the opening section. Neo-one gets close to Finneon a lot of times, and this will be your chance to snap him.

MAGIKARP- This is a Pokémon that appears in almost every course of this game, and you can find it in the starting area. If you reach level three, you can capture a four-star picture of him in an underwater cavern.

LUVDISE- He is everywhere in this underwater course and to get a four-star picture. You have to light the Illumina orb and attract four luvdisc, and you have to focus the camera on them and snap.

CORSOLA- Once you reach level three, the right of the alternate route entrance is where you can snap a picture.

LUMINEON- Once you are a little into the course and see reed and plants area, lumineon could be spotted.

OCTILLERY- The left of the entrance to the underground cavern is where you will spot octillery, but it can get blown away by wailmer.

WAILMER- The left of the entrance to the underground cavern is where you will spot a wailmer.

SHARPEDO- There will be sharpedo swimming below the wailmer.

QWILFISH- You will find them swimming in the default route inside the underground cavern.

TENTACRUEL- In the underground cavern and default exit of the course, you will find them swimming.

MANTINE- A school of mantine will be found swimming at the end of the course.


FRILLISH- Snapping a picture of frillish, in the beginning, is important to unlock the Illumina orbs and reach level 2. They will be found in the cave coming off the side of the cavern, and you have to lure it out with a fluff fruit.

PELIPPER- After snapping frillish, the pelipper will appear at the beginning of the course.

CRADILY- They will appear in the reeds and the exit of the course.

PYUKUMUKU- This will return after you reach level 3, and before that can be seen battling wailmer.

CLAWITZER- They will be swimming with the qwilfish, and then you will find it at the beginning of the course as well.

CHINCHOU- They will be in the walls of the glowing green area in the alternate route.

CLAMPERL- They will be buried in the sand on the alternate route’s deep tunnel.

GOLISOSPOD- They will be in the ancient ruins structure of the alternate route.

LANTURN- They will also be in the ancient ruins structure.


ALOMOMOLA- They will appear at the beginning of the course and deep tunnel of an alternate route.

SQUIRTLE- They will appear standing in the reeds.

LAPRAS- When you are exiting the default course, they will appear.

INKAY- They will show up in the green cavern.

STARMIE- She will appear at the entrance of the deep tunnel.

WAILORD- He will swim upward past neo-one to reach the deep tunnel.

Where to Find Lugia?

When you hit the lanturn in the deep tunnel with an Illumina orb, you have to wait for a wailord to swim past it and then hit it with another Illumina orb. If this is done rightly, they will lead you to the deep tunnel towards the entrance of Lugia’s cave, and by hitting a few crystablooms, it will wake up, and you can snap him. 

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