HP is acquiring the Gaming Accessory Brand HyperX at $425 million

HP has owned the HyperX for $425 million!
HP Acquired HyperX for $425 million

Recently, HP has announced that it is buying HyperX, a gaming peripheral company, for $425 million. HP has made this move to gain its presence in the gaming accessory marketplace. Kingston is the current owner of the brand name HyperX, however, HP has also noted in the announcement post that “Kingston will retain the DRAM, flash, and SSD products for gamers and enthusiasts.”

It is quite sometime now that HP is trying to gain grounds in the gaming peripheral market under their Omen brand, but there are still gaps in achieving their targets. Corsair, Razer and Logitech have done much better. With this move HP can hope to gain the much needed traction.

Coming back to HyperX, the Ngenuity companion app will still exist as it is being used in some of HyperX accessories. It will not be integrated with the Omen Control center software for the time being.

HyperX is one of the most happening brands in the arena of gaming peripheral market. It has some nicest accessories such as the Cloud Headsets. As on date these headsets are the top selling ones in the market. Not only headsets, but also HyperX has some other cool gaming stuff in its kitty too such as gaming keyboards and microphones, etc.  On the recent note, HyperX had announced its 60% mechanical gaming keyboard. Their technological prowess also seems to be great.

We think it is a great move by HP and we would much appreciate it if Time proved us right!

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