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Top 4 Best Outriders Class Tier List of 2021.
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Outriders is an outstanding third person shooter experience. The max co-op is for three players only and you need to be little smart to choose the best possible combination of Class Tiers in Outriders for your team. The three player max co-op makes a lot of sense. It means you wouldn’t have all the four classes playing all at the same time, all the time. If you are wondering about the Outriders Class Tiers then you are at the right place. In this post we will describe all the four class tiers of Outriders.

Top 4 Outriders Class Tiers List

The list is complete along with an attempt to rank them. If you disagree with the ranking then might be it is completely OK. We, although, have tried to rank them based on an honest attempt on our side. So, don’t worry and let us just dive in. As some of the skills are not lockable in this version so, this definitely not our final list. Watch out for this space in the near future once the full version of the game rolls out. For now, get the most out of this post.

4. Pyromancer

The fourth place has been awarded to Pyromancer for a few issues. You might be thinking it is not justified. However, there are some issues with this class. It needs a bit getting used to the cooling issues and handling them effectively. In solo the you need to do a lot of running for covers for the skills cooldown time. The healing of the Pyromancer is also a bit tricky. You need to kill the marked enemies that too with your skills. It becomes one heck of a challenge once you start climbing the World Tiers and try unlock rewards.

However, in co-op if you are thinking that Pyromancer is going to be difficult class to handle then you might not have got it right. We say so, because the Thermal Bomb stands out to be the best ability only after the Trickster’s Slow Trap. If you are really looking forward to be an indispensable force in the team then you must go for the Thermal Bomb ability and the available mods around it. It has got an explosion damage over a large Radius which is good for blowing out enemies in groups. You can even combine it with Ash Blast, which you can gain at level 13, and stop the enemies and turn them to ashes right away.

Pyromancer is great with all of its skill sets, particularly in the later part of the game however, for the demo version of the Pyromancer we could get it the fourth slot only as the whole set of skills aren’t available yet.

3. Technomancer

This is one another class which is going to excel late in the game with many skills such as Fixing Wave. This skill restores 33% Health to all players and also 50% health to your turrets irrespective of the distance. However, you need to get to level 13 to get the skill which is not a possibility in the demo version of the game. To talk about skills further, in the level 22 you get Blighted Turret and your Cryo Turret, combining them you would be literally unstoppable in the game. But this class is not that great in controlling Crowds. For that you have to depend upon your team mates to finish them off. You can render them immobile and just make them incapable of doing anything but still you need to depend upon your teammates for some crowd control.

Freeze is a bonus melee skill for this class. This skill does not require any class points neither does it require any skill slot. However, the problem is that with every subsequent use the cool down increases. This class is better in long range damage dealer and that is why it is in the third position. That is so because the Pyromancer can deal damage only from medium to close ranges. Comparing the two Technomancer has got a 15% edge over Pyromancer in long range weapon damage. So, if you are a long range shooter you can opt for this one.

2. Devastator

This class is a beast of the sorts in this game, particularly in the early stages. Have a look at its class traits before we go further:

  • Receive additional 15% maximum Health.
  • Increase Armor by 30%.
  • Every close-range kill heals you by 24% of your maximum health.

These traits of this class make it the defacto tank in a team. There are a few things only which can get you down in a battle with this class. Moreover, if any enemy was close to you and you killed it then you will recover health out of it. This health gain mechanism can ensure that you stay longer in the game. More on the melee is that you can inflict Bleed damage to all the enemies in a small radius. This class has the capability to walk up to the enemies and shoot them on their faces. You can actually find this class most appropriate for a shotgun. The Devastator is a step ahead as compared to the Technomancer in terms of crowd control and is thus ranks 2 in our list. The tank properties and the regeneration of health makes it a top tier class in the game.

1.     Trickster

Without doubt this is the best class in Outriders. You can actually teleport behind your enemies and kill them to gain a shield bonus. This can be done using the skill “Hunt the Prey”. If you make a combination of it with “Slow Trap” to be actually faster than them and boy so fast that their bullets appear to be in slo-mo. If you see the Trickster in action and do a “Temporal Blade” you will actually fall in love with this class. The beauty of this class is in the fact that it can take a lot of damage as well. If you kill an enemy in close range then you not only gain health but also gain a bit of shield by doing so. This is as explained earlier can help you stay in the battlefield longer and deal damage.

As far as damage is concerned, you can deal some extra damage if you go for “Twisted Rounds”. What this does is fill your mag with Anomaly-infused bullets that can blow enemies away by causing significant damage to them. The skill does last for on mag or if you switch between your weapons. If you have chosen this class then what you can do is combine Slow Trap and Twisted Rounds to control crowds successfully and the remaining few enemies can be taken down by using Hunt the Prey. This is the most prominent of all player classes and it is almost undefeatable if you play it correctly.


So, here was our list of ranked classes for the demo version. It is the best game right now in the gaming world and if you have short listed it then may be this is the time you practiced well with this game in the demo version. Hope you find our post informative and we believe you liked it. Thank you for visiting and keep coming back for more. Till then have a great time gaming.

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