Outriders Demo: How to Farm Legendary Loot

How to get Legendary Loot in outriders demo

People Can Fly and Square Enix has brought you some nice looter shooter experience in the form of Outriders. If you are looking for the best gear in Outriders Demo then you have come to the right place. The gears in the game are quite special and you can have those gears in the form of loot by defeating enemies. In the Outriders there is no dearth of weapons and armors. If you want to lay your hands on the Legendary Loot in Outriders Demo then go through this post and find out how to get legendary loot in Outriders Demo.

In this game more rarer the weapons and armor better they are in terms of their power. That is a common trend if you see it in other games. In Outriders the this can be seen starting in the form of Common and going up to Legendary. Currently, you can play the game in their Demo version which was released back in February. However, you don’t have to wait for too long as the game in its full version will be launched on April 1st this year.

The demo version contains the first few hours of eh game only and it does give you an insight into the game. But technically it is possible to gain some Legendary weapons. The Legendary weapons are the best of the lot weapons in this game and have the best designs, most powerful stats, and the best possible mods in the game.

How to Farm Legendary Loot in Outriders Demo

So, let us wait no more and check out these four steps we have curated for you to find Legendary loot.

How to Farm Legendary Loot

Hint 1: Go for higher world tier and find better loot

There is a world tier system instead of the traditional system of difficulty levels. As you move ahead in the world tier system your enemies get a bit tougher to kill. However, to deal with them you also get better loots as well as you advance. The demo version of the Outriders is limited to world tier 5. Now, it is good news that you get to check the Legendary weapons out in world tier 5. There are going to be much higher world tiers in the game when this is launched and if you make it to the Legendary weapons then you can carry them forward when you play the game after it is launched.

In fact, if you check out the game then you will find that finding a Legendary weapon increases in world tier 4 itself. But the chances are only 10%. In the world tier 5 the chances are increased to 25% of getting a Legendary weapon. So, if you play the game in the world tier 5 then your chances of getting a Legendary weapon is higher by a big margin.

Hint 2: You can load a previous story point to reset the gear

You can, generally speaking, lay your hands on the Legendary weapons by completing missions, although, you may not find anything in the first round because of the low drop rate of the Legendary loot. However, if you try to replay the mission without resetting anything, the gear will not appear again. Loading out a previous story point may solve this issue as far resetting the gear is concerned.

Although it isn’t a live service game, but this game does have an online component and a lobby too. In there you can choose a story point from earlier on in the narrative and spawn in there again. You will have to complete that mission again if you want that gear back. The experience that you gain in nice as it looks pretty much rewarding when you can play a higher level player in earlier missions as well. Your gear and weaponry will carry over to the changed story point. You can utilize this feature to get the Legendary gear for yourself by completing missions which you have completed earlier as well.

Hint 3: After killing powerful enemies, players can die, respawn, and recollect their gear

In this game the powerful enemies are called Captains. The captains can also drop you some Legendary weapons and armor. The easiest to kill captain can be found in the Terra Firma mission. You can replay this mission a number of times (using the story point system in Hint 2). You can kill this captain and probably he will drop you a nice Legendary. And if he doesn’t simply respawn and kill him like you killed him earlier until he dropped something for you. But when you spawn in Terra Firma mission, you should leave some of the less powerful enemies alive and do not kill them. Otherwise, how will you be able to respawn?

Hint 4: In the Demo, you have plenty of time to go for the Legendary gear

The good news is that the Demo will perhaps is there to stay until April 1 and there are no plans to delist it. So, you can easily spend as much time as you want to and track the Legendary gear for yourself. After the game rolls out in April 1 you can join it with all the gear that you have earned there is almost a one full month’s time with you.


The game is one of a kind of third person shooter game and is at par, if not beyond the existing top notch games. You can utilize the time till the demo is around and try out various classes and see which one suits you best. We are sure that you will be able to master it by the time of its full-fledged launch. Thank you for visiting our post and hope we could provide some information regarding Legendary weapons and armor. Keep coming back for more and Happy Gaming till then!

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