How to Find & Farm Legendary Weapons in Outriders Demo

Outriders: Find Out How to Farm Legendary Weapons in the Demo Version
Farm Legendary Weapons in Outriders Demo

In Outriders there is no such guarantee of finding Legendary weapons in Outriders specifically at some location. The reason is that there is a ton of Random Number Generator or RNG in use within the game. But we have discovered ways to lay your hands on them quickly. Read on to find out how you can Farm legendary weapons in Outriders demo.

Where to Find Legendary Weapons

You need to progress your story till you reach the level where Shira sends you Jakub, the doctor and the sniper to The First City Mission to begin farming the highest level of legendary weapons in the outriders Demo. Here, from her, you will get a side quest. Pick that side quest which is called Terra Infirma.

The quest will be to rescue Lieutenant McCain from under rubble, where he got trapped. You can go through the quest until you see a handful of enemies that include a captain. It is this captain who has the potential the drop a loot for you. So, what you need to do is kill this captain alone and don’t kill other enemies. If the loot doesn’t drop off him after you finish him then let other ones kill you. Repeat the encounter until you find the loot.

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One aspect which you should know is that as soon as you reach World Tier 3 you can find legendary weapons. However, to maximize your chances of getting some legendary loot you got to be in world tier 5.

Whenever you die in the game, you’re your XP will see a drop, but it will equalize with the experience gained after killing the captain. It is around 10% where you will land up. If you die in the game before killing the captain your risk of losing XP is pretty much low, but you can regain XP by killing some enemies other than the captain too to balance it out. If you do so you will be back at 10% again.


This game gets more involved with the world tiers as you advance in the tiers. As far as this demo is concerned the full game seems to be interesting and the wait is worth it. Hope we could get you through some legendary loot in the game. Thank you for your visit, do not forget to come again and see more posts like this. Till then, Happy Gaming!

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