Overwatch Hero Updates – April 22 Patch Notes

Finally the wait is over we got to see amazing updates including ability and skills in some of the Heroes in this Overwatch April 22 Patch Notes.
Overwatch Patch Notes April 22

Doing experiments and getting something crazy is not a new concept for the world. Every professional gamer must have heard the name of a popular online series of games called Overwatch. It is prominent due to the miraculous power every character holds in that game.

But what if you are on your PC and found out that Overwatch character’s power has changed. It can be annoying right? So, Overwatch patch notes are here for you with the crisp predictions based on our last week’s experiments. 

Overwatch Patch Notes April 22

Overwatch patch notes help you take necessary guidance from the innovator’s juncture to understand your competitor’s strengths and  weaknesses a little more.


The character has the power of equipping an area and does not let his allies die due to his superpower. He can even heal himself and his allies, but what we came to know is that Baptiste’s area of effectiveness is now being reduced from 60 to 50 health. Also, it will not be a disadvantage as now the healing grenade projectiles will have more impact, and the single-target healing will be more influential as well. The immortality field has been assigned 10% less than before, which means the minimum health threshold is 10%. However, now the players need to have a slightly higher knack to knock out their competitors.


 The character has many intriguing yet shocking supernatural powers some of them are boosters, call mech, self-destruct, etc. So, according to our experiments, the enemy will be quite frightened if they are with low health and near a mech, less diva, as the power of the call mech to damage her enemy has now been increased from 50 to 250.


She is the most revolutionary robot Overwatch can ever have. It is the robot with the most game-altering superiority to date. Some of her cool moves include tri-shot, sticky bomb, glide, etc. The change predicted in this character is that from now on echo, does not have to rely on her duplicate ultimate for health pool as now she can remain alive till the ending. When a duplicate is about to complete its health value.


This character is known to not perform to its full potential. Well, how can the creator see any of his creations performing low? So, for that, the cooldown of the biotic orb has been reduced from 10 to 8 which increased the adaptivity power of Moira and significantly increased the potential.


The cooldown power of orisa’s ‘halt’ knows no boundaries but to help our audience, the review process is going on. It is predicted that the cooldown power has been brought down from 8 to 6. It will be interesting to see if the displacement ability will bring a new turn in the game.


This is the most hyped character as he has been overperforming since his last bout. So, to bring the balance in the mob supervision duration of earth-shattering his armor is now sent back to its previous value from 250 to 200 while keeping the rocket hammer damage boosts for now.


He is not utilizing its full potential from the last year keeping his image the same as still water. So, to record some movements in his portrayal of his scrap gun, damage per projectile is now increased from 6 to 6.6 to bring him at par with other characters.


Sombra’s gameplay is sometimes boring to watch due to the lot of time that is spent on translocation to disentangle at a safer place. To make this more interesting the movement speed has been increased from 50% to 65% to make her action quick like thunder. 

So here are the April 22 Path notes of Overwatch. Hopefully it brings several Hero updates that would be more fun playing with these characters. Looking forward to hearing from you what update for which character you liked the most? Let us know in the comments.

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