Overwatch Meta Tier List: Best Heroes of 2023

Choose the best heroes among the Overwatch Meta Tier List.
Overwatch Tier List

Overwatch is quite popular and one of the most famous competitive games available in the market. It has been around for over 5 years now and yet it remains on the top of the table.聽

The gamers have been waiting for overwatch 2 for quite some time now but the developers have no intention of releasing it this year. So until then, gamers have to make peace with the current existing season. The game is one of the most developed and interesting as it has a lot of destructive metas to choose from and has a great gaming session even after not introducing new heroes for over a year now.

In recent times, the ranked grinders have taken over the metas with the rush comps. People are trying to play with their comfort picks but the pace has shifted to speed over precision. If you are a new player, looking at this rank list will help you boost your performance and have the best time playing overwatch.


Tier one consists of Baptiste, echo, Lucio, McCree, mei, Reinhardt, Zarya.


Zarya is a high-level play choice as her synergy with a wrecking ball is very strong and she can easily bubble the hamster while going in and get free charge protecting the crowd. She also has a huge damage rate when she gets fully charged. If she is glowing, it will be tough to burn her.


McCree is the perfect player if you want to punish or penalize a character. He provides reliable and high damage to opponents and is quite self-sufficient on the battlefield. He will be safe most of the time and is paired best with tracer.


Reinhardt has been topping the pick rates for quite a while now as he is aggressive and offers a strong front to the wrecking ball. He can fight off the opposite team with ease if he gets in and doesn鈥檛 require a lot of assistance.


Echo has been one of the strongest ever since her release. She can fly, fight, and has one of the strongest supers in the game. Her output damages are crazy and she will need to be dealt with wisely.


Tier two usually includes a wrecking ball, Ana, Ashe, Junkrat, Moira, Mercy, Tracer, Winston, etc.


He is one of the heroes who has been dominating the meta for quite a while now. He is the most picked as his ability to displace and disrupt the enemy is unmatched. With his strength, he can wreak havoc on players.


Tracer thrives in aggressive battlefields and can become one of the strongest characters. She can dive opponents with a wrecking world and possess amazing and brilliant other qualities.


Mercy is quite consistent and hard to pin down character. She is partnered up with Zenyatta mostly but is self-sufficient as well. She can fly away from attacks and makes her a tough target.


Tier 3 includes Genji, Doomfist, Hanzo, Brigitte, Reaper, Sigma, Soldier:76, Zenyatta, etc.


Sigma creates a pseudo-frontline if the wrecking ball starts disrupting the team. He has been a little underperforming which has pushed him to be in tier 3. His shield remains versatile and he is prone to decent damage only.


Brigitte is juicy and consistent and is paired with Zenyatta mostly. She has got a shield stun and rocket flail which makes her quite strong but still not enough to be in the upper tiers.


This tier includes bastion, roadhog, Sombra, Widowmaker, etc.


If you are competing alone, this character would be perfect for you. he can kill and punish characters and is quite self-sufficient.


He is a surprise for enemy teams and usually ends up in the lowest tier because of his inability to perform. These are the four tiers of overwatch 2021 of their meta characters and you can choose your favorite to win.

Hopefully you got some best heroes to play in Overwatch we believe you liked this Overwatch tier list of hand picked characters who are equally powerful and strategist to play in current season.

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