Best Bond Skills in Persona 5 Strikers

Looking for the best bond skills? Here're the some that you definitely want to get.
persona 5 stikers best bond skills

Bond skills are quite important to stay afloat in the game. It will help you to adapt to a broad spectrum of circumstances and skillsets and thicken your chances of your existence in the game. It may be that your opponents don’t know any of those skills but boy if they do how will you stand against them. To help you learn best bond skills in Persona 5 Strikers we have created this post. So, check it out maybe it is of some good use to you.

In Persona 5 Strikers each time you level your Bond level up, you get Bond Points. These Bond points can be well utilized in the Bond menu on the Pause menu. By that, you unlock Bond Skills. These Bond skills can be of great use in putting up some variety of effects in mostly passive buffs and some effects in combat too. However, learning all the skills may not be feasible by everyone. So, we have this small set of skills for you which are definitely priorities over others. Check them out!

The best Bond Skills in the game of Persona 5 Strikers


Bondmaker is arguably the one of the most important Bond Skill. You can unlock it as soon as possible. This skill increases the amount of bond experience when you win in a battle. This increase will help you help you in levelling up your Bond much faster and will get you more points.

Oracle Recovery

In a jail environment SP is mostly rapidly decreasing besides health. This is where Oracle Recovery comes handy. Because every time you win in a battle you will regain some health as well as some SP too with this skill. Yeah, the gain isn’t too much, but still, it is nice to have a little bit of it to keep you going a little more before you go for a breather.


This skill of Extortionist increases your amount of money you get by winning fights and it is one of the nicest skill you would like to have as with the money you can buy late-game equipment. Now that is something out of your reach without this skill, literally.

Smart Shopper

Again, this skill too deals with money. And you should be taking advantage of the item sales in Sophia’s Shop, particularly when you are between jail runs. The general inventory of Sophia’s Shop broadens with this Smart Shopper skill and the number of items that go for sales increases with the skill on each visit. Now, that is a discount you don’t want to miss.

Joker’ Wild

To crush you will you will need strong fists. You can go for the strongest personas in the game for the same purpose. Arsene is limited to certain extent, however, this skill of Joker’s Wild can help you with increasing the rate at which opponents drop persona masks. That in turn helps you with recruiting new personas as and when you see them. Not only that but also it helps you gain more persona points for some duplicate masks. These duplicate masks can be useful to enhance them.


You can easily dodge out of the way of enemy attacks, however, your endeavor should be slightly better than that. You can easily be a lot more productive than dodging around here and there. Armed with this skill of Avenger you can have a picture perfect timing in dodging your enemies and you will be able to do a counter with a more lethal move without any extra health or SP costs.


That is all in our list of Bond Skills in Persona 5 Strikers for now. Hope the list and their properties could be well conveyed to you and hope that it helps you. Thank you for visiting our post. Keep coming back for more and until then happy gaming!

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