Persona 5 Strikers: Best Characters Tier List

Persona 5: A Guide for the Best Characters in the Game
Persona 5 Strikers: best characters tier list

The Characters in Persona 5 Strikers have been released. If you are wondering which ones are the best in the business then you have come to the right place. In this post we will love to guide you to the best characters in Persona 5 Strikers. We believe after going through the article you would be confident to choose the best Strikers in Persona 5 for yourself. So, what’s the wait for ….let us begin…

Best Striker characters in Persona 5

The following are some of the coolest characters in the game and we recommend hop into their shades whenever they become available:

  • Queen
  • Panther
  • Fox
  • Sophia
  • Joker


Joanna, the Queen’s Persona, has a greatly increased Technical Damage against Freeze, Shock or Burns and she can be easily a part of any party composition for the above abilities.


Carmen, the Panther’s Persona, has attacks based on fire and could be of great help to you in dealing with shadows which are weak against fire. Please take a note that she isn’t that great with opponents which are not weak against fire, so, if you don’t have no fire opponents then you can swap her out in those sections. However, otherwise speaking, this character can clear areas in no time given her powers.


Goemon, the Fox’s Persona, has abilities that are based on ice. When you are in Sendai Jail these abilities come in quite handy. Sendai Jail is the second main dungeon in the game. Belis, Lamia, Orthrus, Jail King Nightmare Angi, 3/4 mini-bosses, and most other enemies in the dungeon are weak against the Goemon’s Ice based attacks.


Sophia is extremely versatile because of her both healing and attacking contributions. She ahs the access to the Bless and Recovery Skills and is a great character in a party. She can not only heal but also attack for the party.


Joker character is one of the strongest characters in the game and he is quick, he has a wide range, a high attack speed and can cover his weak spots rather well. This is one character which can call upon various attributes and this also helps him fit in any team rather easily. He also has an amazing kit and all these helps him to close out battles for the party rather quickly.


So, here we are. The above five characters are ridiculously powerful ones and you can see having all of them or some of them in your party can make things sweet for you. Hope we could elaborate upon them and we could be of some help to you. Thank you for visiting our post and do come for more till then …..happy gaming…😊!

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