All Eevee Evolutions in Pokemon GO – Rank wise

All Eevee Evolutions in Pokemon GO

In this post, we are going to see all Eevee evolutions in Pokémon GO. If you are looking for the ranked evolutions of the Eevee then you are at the right place! We are going to share with you the information regarding Eevee and its evolution rank-wise.

Eevee is well known to be one of the most popular Pokémon of all time. It is same with the Pokémon GO as well. Although all the Eevees are equally loveable some of them are even better than other Eevees. In this post, we are going to show which ones are better and why.

In Pokémon GO what you see is what you get as the stats can’t be adjusted like other games. You can use candies to power up your Pokémon, however, that depends upon the level. But the good part is that you can evolve your Eevee into something better!

So, what’s the wait about? Let just explore the ranks in Pokémon GO…

The Eevee ranks (last first):

  • Flareon
  • Espeon
  • Leafon
  • Jolteon
  • Glaceon
  • Vaporeon
  • Sylveon
  • Umbreon


This fire type is in the last place of the original Eevee evolutions. The reason for that is that it performs mildly in PvE, PvP, Raids, Gyms and in the three battle leagues. It is more of a soft spot choice.

Flareon is outperformed by many Fire types already in the game in all the areas. This fiery little friend is only good if you chose to go for a collection of all the Eevee variants.


The moves of this Eevee don’t hold that well in PvP battles. This Psychic-type Eevee is, for that reason, not any further up in the list. There is a long list of Psychic Pokémons which are way stronger than Espeon.

You can say that the performance is somewhere average at its best despite the base attack being highest. However, it simply doesn’t quite make it.


This Eevee does have a use in the Master League. Its moves are strong and are good enough to blow away foes with the Grass-type weakness. Although this Eevee is a Grass-type with a low stat for defense (at 130) and a lesser attack as well but it does its job well and can hold up against the classic Rosrade. But that’s it.

Leafeon got a new move in the latest Eevee community day. That also has helped it to get better attention of people.


For the middle tier this Eevee is a great entry. Besides its middle order stats of both attack and defenses, there is this move called Zap cannon and it is pretty awesome and packs a good punch. You can have tons of fun with this guy in PvE mode but you can lose easily in PvP mode.

This electric Eevee is fairly easy to obtain and has good stats and moves.


This one is icy in nature and is rare in Pokémon GO. This can easily bring down the much feared Dragon-types. It is good for the Master league and Gyms defended by the Dragon types as it has a great CP. Otherwise it doesn’t have too many stats to boast off.

Th moves of this Eevee is also cool securing it a fourth place in our list.


It is a favorite of many players in the Pokémon GO. It has got a lot to boast off. Great attack stat, maximum CP, and great moves. It suits all leagues. Whether it is Raids on the bosses or the Gym battles, you can have tons of fun with this guy.

The reason why it is here at this spot is because of its defense stat; it is the lowest quite low in the water types.  That is the reason why it loses the top spot in our list.


This Eevee is the latest in the list of evolution in Pokémon GO. And it did turn heads for sure. This Eevee misses out on the top spot but only to the mighty Umbreon in the Great and Ultra leagues.

Sylveon is a Fairy type and it gets an aid in its performance. The moves are also quite nice. There are much stronger Fairy types, but they are ridiculously hard to evolve.

This Eevee can easily defeat the Dragon types. If your main opponents are Dragon types then you can rely upon Sylveon easily.


Hello friends, please welcome the Eevee at top spot of this list who is none other than Umbreon.

This is truly a champion in the Pokémon GO and since its release many players have mastered this Eevee.

It’s got the most fantastic moves which makes it dominant over others in the Great and Ultra leagues. This boy has the highest defense stat.

However, the only place it can be slightly weak is the Master league. Otherwise take it wherever and chances are you are going to bring home a win with this one of the best (if not the best) Dark type Eevees.


So, here we go with one of the best Eevees list in Pokémon GO. Hope you find it interesting and informative. Thank you for taking time out for this post. We hope to keep you entertained in future too with similar posts. Till then happy gaming😊.

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