Best Pokémon For Great League in 2023

Choose wisely and win the match with best PVP Pokémon.

Another season of Pokémon go, the battle league is about to begin, and it’s the time where you decide to form the strongest and the best team to win with. At the beginning of June, the great league will be the only league that will harbor a lot of battles for you and your Pokémons to fight. Usually, when companies are conducted, you can participate in various games that get organized, but the great league is just one such league where you have to come and win. One of the reasons why this time’s society is super capped and popular is because of my introduction, and everyone is excited to get that. You have to form the best team and win the battles to get a hold of the mienfoo you want and win this great league.

Requirements Of Great League

The Pokémon Go league has been on the scene for quite some time now, and the great league is one of the simplest leagues with a pretty straightforward approach and requirements listed within it. All you need to have is a team of Pokémons with their CP, not more than 1500.

This is a low CP when it comes to Pokémon, and this league technically harbors low-level Pokémon. The most interesting part of the great league is that you will see some never-expected Pokémon perform wonders and win this exclusive game. 

Pokémon Go Great League – Best Pokémon for PVP

There are many underrated and never-expected Pokémon in this league, which can make you win this prestigious and epic gaming league when used with their proper skills and to their true abilities. All you have to do is collect these Pokémon and train them and get the best out of them.


This isn’t the most commonly accepted Pokémon in usual games because it has many Weaknesses. However, the cons usually have the upper hand over the pros for this cute little Pokémon. The most bizarre part about the great league is that Altaria is one of the most common and highly chosen options for the battle. The major reason is that Altaria is partially a dragon-Type Pokémon, and dragon Types aren’t usually found in the great league; thus, altar seems like a healthy option over other Pokémon. 

Type: Flying/Dragon

Weakness: ice, rock, fairy, dragon, electric


  • 1. Dragon breath is the go-to option when altaria is chosen because this will unveil its dragon nature.
  • Sky attack is a cheap and viable attack option and isn’t too expected.
  • Dragon pulse can add to the already damaged Pokémon so use it.
  • 3 EPT and 4 DPT is a great start for someone like Altaria.

This Pokémon is a great alternative to Swablu since swablu requires 400 candies.


This steel Type Pokémon can be tough to acquire because it is a legendary Pokémon, but once you do own it, this serves as a great option because of its bulky and heavy nature.

Type: Steel

Weakness: ground, fire, fighting


  • Lock-on has 5 EPT and one of the strongest Attacks in this league.
  • A flash cannon could cause significant damage and is a cheap and viable option.
  • Focus blast will provide your enemy with a sea of damage, but you have to make sure you have enough registered candy to use this attack.

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This is one of the strongest Pokémon’s in this league because of the duality of its Type. It has only one Weakness against grass-Type Pokémon otherwise, you are good to go with it. So unless you are fighting against venusaur, meganium, or tropius, swampert seems like a solid option as it can even deflect the electric Type Pokémons making it a great fighting choice.

Type: Ground/ water 

Weakness: Grass 


  • Mud shot provides an EPT of 4.5 and hence is one of the strongest Attacks for a swampert.
  • Hydro Cannon and surf, when combined with earthquakes, will cause havoc damage.
  • If you end up using swampert against a grass Type, you can replace earthquake with sludge wave and make the Attacks then.


This will be a wise choice if you end up choosing Umbreon because in the great league, there hasn’t been a counter for Umbreon lately, and the only way to defeat it is through azumarill. 

Type: Dark

Weakness: Bug, fairy, fighting


  • Snarl has an ETP of 4.33 but a DPT of 1.66. Either way, it offers a fast-move option.
  • Feint attack offers an EPT and DPT of 3.
  • Foul play and dark pulse can be combined to have significant damage output, and if you are battling against someone who works well against dark Type Pokémons, you can use last resort.


One of the easiest and the most popular Pokémon in the game, venusaur is a good choice if you want to defeat swampert and azumarill. You can get this Pokémon easily as it has its community day as well, but the only problem which arises is that it is a little tanky for a grass-Type Pokémon which can sometimes cause problems.

Type: Grass/ Poison

Weakness: flying, fire, ice, psychic


  • Vine whip will generate energy faster for venusaur with its EPT being 4 and DPT being 2.5.
  • Razor Leaf is also a great attack because of its 5.5 DPT and 2 EPT.
  • If you got the vernacular at a community day, you could go for a frenzy plant attack, and if you got it normally or through some other means, try a sludge bomb.


If you run out of shields and you are in desperate need to win, azumarill is the best option to choose. It works wonders against altaria, alolan marowak, and Deoxys. It is an exceptional tank to choose from and quite popular in the great league as well.

Type: Water/ Fairy

Weakness: Electric, Grass, poison


  • Its water-Type attack and exceptional energy generation can be seen using the bubble attack.
  • Ice beam is a great first charged move option.
  • For the second charged move, you can opt to play rough, and it will help you defend yourself against dragon and dark Type Pokémons.

Hope you like this post and you’ve got choosen your best Pokemon for great league. Let us know in commnets which one did you choose and what factors makes you to choose this one.

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