How To Battle Great League in Pokémon Go

Get Started in the GO Battle League in Pokémon GO: Overview, Tips, and Rewards
How To Enter The Pokemon Go Battle League

In this Pokemon GO guide, we’ll be going over everything you need to know about the Great League, including how to join it, how to battle a Trainer in the Great League, and how to prepare yourself for the challenge.

Pokémon Go has been one of the top Pokémon games for quite some time now. With a fantastic gaming experience and tons of new and rare Pokémon, there isn’t a thing they miss out on. The developers have been coming with new and exciting updates continuously, and it will be one hell of a ride to sit tight and watch all the recent changes they are bound to introduce. The gaming community loves the new changes Pokémon go has been going through, resulting in tremendous and exponential growth in their channel. 

This time the developers have decided to introduce the concept of a battle league which will be divided into three seasons of great league, ultra league, and master league. In all these leagues, the gamers can compete with each other using rare and new Pokémon, which they can collect throughout the game and earn a spot at the top. With every challenge and battle they face, their Pokémon might get upgraded too, and they will receive a lot of rewards and prizes that they can claim and buy certain items. The introduction of the great league remix cup has also driven the fans crazy and got them all intrigued.

Each league has a separate set of instructions to enter. You have to keep a check on the dates when the companies will be available and then have Pokémon that fits in the CP brackets the league provides. There will be the provision to catch some of the rarest and the most capped Pokémon of the game itself, which you can use to earn winning points and have the top spot all to yourself. Each league will have a separate winning cup which, if you win, you can add to your Pokémon Go collection and become one of the top players of the whole game.

How To Enter The Pokémon Go Battle League?

The process to enter any of the leagues within the Pokémon go battle league is quite simple. It will have its flashy icon on the screen when you open the Pokémon go app. When you click on that icon, you will enter the battle league directly without requirements. You can fight the first five battles for free with no specifications. After this, when you officially enter the competitive zone, you can only participate in competitions if you have the specific and required amount of battle sets. 

How To Battle Another Trainer In Great League?

A seven-colored shadow is one of the latest special researches started by the great league, which will begin from June 17 and will continue till September 1, giving the players enough time to fight off and get done with this challenge. This research is quite different from the rest as it harbors a set of specific tasks that will be intricately outlined for the players to avoid any trouble throughout the match.

battle another trainer pokemon go

One step in the research, which is the third step, asks the players to battle another trainer in the Pokémon go great league, which can get a little tricky. Players are facing some issues completing this step, and it is a vital step because this will allow them to have a charged TM reward.

One of the many reasons the gamers ignore this league is because it is a low rung league. Unlike the master league, where you have the liberty to choose any Pokémon with any CP, this league has a strict provision of having Pokémon with 1500 CP or more minor, only making it a game ignored by the most. To complete the whole battle league championship, you need to finish this league, and for that, you need to complete this step too.

The league is kept low level so that even the beginners can try their gaming skills out without worrying too much about the result. The seasoned players who are used to playing with strong and high CP Pokémon can dial their skills down a bit and have a puzzle kind of league that allows them to think and decide which Pokémon they can use.


The biggest problem with this challenge and this task is that according to the dates and the periodic rotation of the three PvP leagues, the great league is currently unavailable. People who have been able to go through this step have reported that they battled a trainer in some other league within Pokémon go and got over with this step. This isn’t a legitimate solution to it, but this is what the players have been doing so far. It is advised to get into any league and keep battling from the PvP menu without necessarily having to win and get into the top leagues. The other solution remains to wait until the great league starts again, and once that does, you will have numerous trainers to battle with and win.

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