How to Evolve a Kirlia into Gallade in Pokémon Go

Have you ever played Pokémon Go? If so, Do you know how to get your Kirlia to evolve into a Gallade?
How to Get Gallade in Pokémon GO

Pokémon Go has evolved from the times we have known. Gallade is a male counterpart just like Gardevoirs is both a male and a female counterpart. Read on more to find out how and why you need to get Gallade in Pokémon Go. 

Just like the ancient Pokémon games, the process of evolution of Kirilia into a Gallade includes a series of steps which is almost the same as the steps that are involved in the evolution of Kirilia into a Gardevoir. Much like what was mentioned earlier only the masculine counterpart of the Kirilia can evolve into a Gallade. That means you need to get your hands on male Ralts which in turn evolves into male Kirila. The quality of the Ralts also matters in this case. So, catch a good quality Ralts to proceed further in the game. 

Get your hands on Pokemon Gallade:

To get your hands on Gallade you need to have a Kirilia. To have a Kirila you need to have a Ralt. So, it is a series of events. Ralts evolve into Kirlia when fed on 50 ralt candy’s which is followed by another 100 ralt candy to evolve further. Only giving candy does not ensure that it will evolve into a Gallade. It needs a special stone called Sinnoh Stone, To evolve into Gallade. If not it will evolve into Gardevoir. Sinnoh stone is a rare item that is found only through the original Sinnoh region that’s where Gallade originates. 

You can get your hands on Sinnoh Stone by participating in events, PvP battles, and as rewards for those participating. But apart from that, you can obtain the Sinnoh stone by completing the tasks provided while playing the game every seven consecutive days. Play consistently for a week and get your hands on the Sinnoh stone. 

A 100 candy’s and a Sinnoh stone and you are good to convert your male Kirilia into a Gallade. 

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