How To Get A Rainy Lure Module In Pokémon Go?

The generic Pokémon Lure Modules get activated at the PokéStop.
How to Get a Rainy Lure Module in Pokémon GO

Pokémon Go is one of the most popular Pokémon games and is played worldwide. Ever since it has been released, it’s been doing crazy business with the gamers. There have been instances where people are hunting for Pokémon’s in parks, offices, universities, etc. People love this game and have been obsessed with it since its release.

Pokémon Go is a game that uses your phone’s GPS and detects where you will find a Pokémon that will appear on your screen and you can capture it. Different Pokémon appear at different places and have no relation to time or location. This game is based on augmented reality and is one of the top games of today.

Catching Pokémon’s isn’t always an easy task. Like humans, they have an affinity for a certain type of weather. Some Pokémon’s could only be found in rainy weather and some appear during the snow. Some Pokémon only come out in the day and some at night. Each Pokémon has its distinct feature and you have to work according to them.

Pokémon Go has been quite influenced by weather conditions and work according to it. Sometimes it gets irritating as you aren’t able to get the Pokémon you want and have to wait for months for it to appear in your region.

Let’s say you want a Pokémon which comes out in the rain. There is no more the need to wait for a season when you can create rain yourself. Just like all the games, Pokémon Go keeps releasing updated versions with new skills and features. Some of the recent items that have been added to Pokémon Go are Elite TM’s, the unova stone, Remote Raid Passes, and the Rocket Radars, but the item which will help players to alter the game is the Rainy Lure Module which allows you to change the whole weather pattern itself.

What is Rainy Lure Module

Luminous Legends X events have introduced a lot of new Pokémon as well like Swirlix, Spritzee, Goomy, and Xerneas. The generic Pokémon Lure Modules get activated at the PokéStop and can alter and change the weather type at any moment. And when you activate the Rainy Lure Module, which is the most distinct feature of this update, water, electric, and bug type Pokémon’s will start flooding your screen and you will see them around you for almost thirty minutes and can have the same experience of catching them then like when you’ll have with real weather.

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Where to Get Rainy Lure Module in Pokemon Go

There are two primary ways of obtaining the Rainy Lure Module in Pokémon Go. The first way is to buy it from one of the in-game Pokémon Shops for 200 PokeCoins which is almost 2 dollars USD. If your PokeCoins remain barren and you don’t use them for something else or any event in Pokémon Go, this is a perfect investment for you.

If you don’t want to spend some real money on it, or you are short on cash, you can obtain this module for free by completing some timed research tasks during the Luminous Legends X event. There won’t be any particular event giving you this, so you will have to wait and see which boot camp will give you this module. If you are trying to get gloomy up to a good, you will have to activate the rainy lure module at a PokéStop before giving it a candy.

This is a decent and exciting update in Pokémon Go and if you are trying to build up a dex and want all kinds of Pokémon’s there, this is perfect for you. The cost isn’t too much and you can avail of great and cute Pokémon’s in one go.

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