Is Pokémon Unite Free to Play?

Let's find out is the new Pokémon game is free to play?
Pokémon Unite release date

The Pokémon company international and TiMi group collaborated and announced their exciting project of Pokémon unite, which is set to release in 2021. This will be a strategic battle game which is the first in the league of Pokémon games and thus has a reputation to uphold. This game has been in talks for quite some time now, and with this announcement, there are a million questions and doubts ahead of it, which has intrigued the gamers and kept them ashore with the whole release process. It will be out on the Nintendo switch in July 2021 and on mobile and PCs in September 2021.

The game is set up on the news land, mythical land, and probably one of the unexplored lands in the Pokémon series. There will be a united battle community, also known as UBC, which will overlook the united battles of this land. You will be divided into groups of 5 and fight against another group hosted and controlled by the UBC. You will have certain Pokémons, which will be entirely new to the game, and this will give you a profound introduction to aeos energy, which you can use to evolve Pokémons. A lot of exciting and promising stuff with Pokémon unite, and you need to explore it once it comes out.

Although this game is accessible to everyone, it will have certain in-game transactions. This means that you can register and start playing the game entirely for free. You can earn rewards, claim prizes and get access to most of the features for free. There will be certain aspects of the game that will remain paid, and if you want those, you might have to go through the microtransactions it asks for. 

There will also be gems like a currency in the game, and you will have to purchase them. Since, like every Pokémon game, Pokémon unite will also have the provision of selling the battle pass, you can buy and upgrade them using the aeos gems you have to pay for. Within this battle pass, you will be introduced to a free tier and a premium tier, and this will be a fun and never-before type experience. Battle passes are always worth the cost so that you can explore the most out of them in Pokémon unite. 

The aeos coins in the game will be free of cost, but you have to win battles and complete challenges to gain them. With the use of these coins, you can purchase Pokémons and upgrade them before fighting. Most of the Pokémons are free, and you can buy them easily. Certain premium Pokémons will be paid, and to unlock them, you have to use the aeos coins, which you can purchase and then get access to those classy Pokémons.

There are technically three types of currencies Pokémon unite harbors. They are the gems of the paid area, and you have to pay real money to buy them. Then there are the aeos coins you can earn throughout the game, although you still have the provision to buy. There is also a thing called the aeos tickets, which can be achieved in the game.

All in all, most of the features of Pokémon unite remain accessible to all, and you can get your hands on the best set of games within it without spending a dime. 

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