Where to Find Boat Key in Resident Evil Village

A quick guide that features Boat Key Location in Resident Evil Village in order to use the boat.
Resident Evil Village Boat Key Location

Everyone loves playing games that challenge them to death in it. And nothing is better than competing for a spooky and thriller-packed action of Resident Evil which will give you Goosebumps on every phase of the game. 

This evil and exciting game has got it all for you. With the most terrific audio and video graphics, it is one of the highest-grossing games as of now. In this game, you will be thrown into a scary discarded mine and you have to make it out alive by getting the boat key. This is a game you have to win to survive and makes it quite jaw-dropping.

In this unique and jittery game, you will be thrown into the Resident Evil Village where you have to fight off demonic creatures like vampires or werewolves to save their daughter and to survive. There are various locations in the game which provide you with different and more exciting challenges, quests, weapons, treasures, etc.

But the one thing in common is that you will have loads of horror scenes in it. In this one particular location, you have to explore the flooded town area near Moreau’s Reservoir, and with the due course of the challenge, you will realize you can’t escape without the boat key.

Boat Key Location in Resident Evil Village

You have to venture deep into the mines and keep exploring because you have to find the boat key and you won’t get that too easily. You have to grab a flask at Moreau and start making your way through the dark and long tunnel. It will be a tough task to do but if you want to survive, you have to move forward this way. It will be highly helpful if you own a shotgun and use it to defeat the werewolves in this area. While you are passing through the tunnel, you have to keep an eye out for the evil and demonic creatures and you have to kill them.

The good news for the players is that the tunnel path in the Resident Evil Village is linear and they just have to pass it to reach the wooden structure. There are areas in this village that don’t have an easy course to traverse but this is a sigh of relief for the survivors.

Once you reach the wooden structure, there will be some stairs to the left of it, and walking through them will bring you to a walkway. You have to shoot the broken beam with yellow tape which will cause some boards to fall towards the right and this will allow them to move further into the mines. You have to be very alert and stealthy while doing this and passing through the mines.

You have to continue passing this tunnel and you will come out of the other side to an old and broken house with a tree and some dead bodies hanging from it. Initially, it would scare you, but then you know how this game goes about. Near the move area, you will encounter a lot of werewolves and this will be a tough match to win as there will be a lot of enemies to contend with.

The best way to escape them is to somehow get into the house and drag the bookshelf to cover the door and keep yourself safe. Gamers should realize that this stage is tough and not everyone can go about defeating all the creatures. So play smartly and patiently and avoid trying to kill every werewolf because that will cause damage to you and it’s also next to impossible. There will be a werewolf with an armored helmet and to defeat him you have to use gunfire from your shotgun and shoot him in the head.

Once you have killed all the enemies or escaped them, there will be a boat key hanging on the noticeboard on the wall of the house. You have to come back outside now and find a boat tied to the pier. And this is how you will exit this spine-cracking, scary stage of Resident Evil.

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