Resident Evil Village: Necklace With Two Holes

Explore the village to find the necklace with two holes to complete your game.
how to find Necklace with Two Holes

The Village of Resident Evil is filled with secrets and you need to unlock these secrets to move forward in the game. You can use the in-game monetary funds to unlock the unlockable levels. You need to obtain different kinds of jewels and treasures to get your hands on the money by selling these gems. Money can help you buy weapons and machinery from the Duke. You need to get your hands on as many jewels and gems as possible to reach the Necklace with Two Holes that is hidden in the Resident Evil Village. Acquiring additional gems helps you gain more money that in turn helps you move forward.聽

Where to Find the Necklace with Two Holes?

Initially, you need you to conquer and win from Lady Dimitrescu and elope from her castle. That鈥檚 where you can obtain the necklace. You will get your hands on Iron Insignia Key that will be an added advantage for you to explore new niches. There is a locked gate in the village, behind that you will find a cavern containing the Well Wheel key. Exploring over the village will guide the players that can take you to the Well Wheel. Beneath the well from the darkness emerges the incomplete Necklace with two dark holes.聽

You need to focus on what you will do with that necklace. You have two options, you can sell it immediately to the duke or keep it to yourself. If you sell it, if and when the duke finds the matching gems, the value of the necklace will shoot up four-fold. If you keep the necklace, you need to be patient enough to find the gems later in the game by defeating Lord Moreau, fill it in and then sell it to the duke. You will be rewarded with 50,000 Lei when you complete the task. So, it is up to you, to wait or to sell it immediately.聽

What happens after defeating Lord Moreau?

Once you defeat Lord Moreau, you will obtain the crank. With that crank, the players should make a return to the village and hunt for treasure. The first treasure you need to obtain is the Pigeon Blood Ruby. You will be able to find this in the Eastern part of the old town. With the Crank in hand, you will be able to explore this part of the old town especially the southernmost house. By following a hard and adventurous trek you will be brought face-to-face with the pigeon blood ruby sitting inside an ornate chest on the roof.聽

Where to find the large Pigeon Blood Ruby?

After passing the Lone road, keep west towards the altar. You will find an old drawbridge. You already have the crank in hand, hence you will be able to lower the bridge with its help and find a boat awaiting you to the house you came from after defeating Lady Dimitrescu at the castle. There you will find a well, which was hidden before and now you will get access to the underground tunnels with the Well Wheel in hand.聽聽

Once inside the tunnels, you will come across a puzzle that awaits you to finish. This puzzle claims to be the most complicated of all the puzzles in the game. After finishing the puzzle you will be directed towards a wooden platform that uses a switchboard above to move. Push the two white switches until it turns green to place the platform in the accurate positions. Towards the end push the two mine carts at the end of the room. This will act as a ladder for you to climb and obtain the Large Pigeon Blood Ruby.聽

What Next?

After obtaining the two ruby鈥檚 you will be able to place both of them in the empty slot of the necklace with the two holes and finish it. You can now go and sell this necklace to the duke and get your reward of 50,000 Lei as a final treasure. This will lead the players to buy their trophy or to obtain certain deadly weapons to move forward in the next game i.e., Village of Shadows.聽

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