Where to Get Finest Fish in Resident Evil Village

Do you want to get your hands on the finest fish present in the village of Resident Evil? Follow these leads to find the finest fish to perfect your recipe.
Resident Evil Village: How To Get The Finest Fish

When the game starts the players can notice that the only ingredient that the Duke lacks in the food that he sells is one Finest Fish meat. You need to get The Finest Fish meat to complete the Duke’s order. You will be provided with a vast number of opportunities to fish throughout the game. Will you be able to find a fish of dukes wish?

You need to explore the best-kept secrets areas of the game to get your hands on the finest of the fish. It cannot be obtained so easily.

How to Get Finest Fish

A lot of people have already given up their quest to find the Finest Fish in the area to no avail. Ethan needs this delicacy and you are going to provide it for him on the platter to become a perfect host. 

Finding the Boat Key

Resident Evil Village Boat Key Location

The first task you need to accomplish in this quest is to find the boat key by defeating Lord Moreau. This can be done if you outrun Moreau who grows slime inside the mine and defeat the zombies that are harming Ethan, with the help of a tree and a shack. When you look into the shack you will find the boat key in it.

After taking the boat key, go to the altar. Fight Heisenberg as it is the main task to level up and for you to end the game of Ethan and miss his chance. 

Use the Boat to reach Next Dock

After the above tasks, you need to lower the Drawbridge with the help of a crank ( which will be obtained to you at the second stage of fighting Moreau). Cross the drawbridge and reach the river bank to find a boat waiting for you. 

Use the boat key and travel to the next dock, keep left as it is a shortcut to reach swiftly. This boat will lead you to a pool full of fishes. Not all are special but some are the Finest. 

Catch the Finest Fish

In the pool find 3 fishes that are similar to each other but distinct from the others. They have a shimmer of red on them. They are the Finest Fish. 

Gut the fish like another as they do not possess any extraordinary skills. Harvest it. Look around to find many other secret tickets at this location. Collect to return to the Duke to receive your reward. 

After getting the Finest Fish to the Duke, make sure he cooks the best Sarmale de Peste.  The restaurant undoubtedly serves the best fish recipe, thanks to you for obtaining the Finest Fish of the lot. What next? Collect your rewards and get ready for another adventure that awaits you on the shore. Maybe you can take Ethan with you! 

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