Resident Evil Village: How to Get SSS Rank in Mercenaries

Keep up with our article, all you Resident Evil Village fans to find out about how to get your SSS Rank using the Mercenary mode. Read on to know more.
How to Get SSS Rank in Mercenaries

Players who have been ardent fans of this OG Arcade game are excited beyond understanding that the SSS rank for the Mercenary mode can be activated again by completing the missions. 

This mode can be unlocked if and only when you complete the main plot of Resident Evil Village. You need to finish this story and then buy it from Extra Content Shop. This game consists of eight levels as a whole, but you can move forward with the next level only if you rank A or B in the previous level. 

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The initial stages of the game Mercenaries are not too complicated to understand. Although, the next few stages might impose certain complications such that you will be able to score according to your skill. Do you want to complete these levels as soon as possible? Read on to know these tips and tricks to finish the levels to reach your desired SSS rank.

How to Get SSS Rank in Mercenaries in Resident Evil 8 Village

How to Get SSS Rank in Mercenaries  Resident Evil 8 Village

For Stages 1-4:

  • Step 1: Get your hand on the Sniper rifle. Buy it in the content shop. 
  • Step 2: Trade your shotgun and some handgun shells.
  • Step 3: Keep checking your health and damage enhancers to use it. 

As mentioned above you need to get yourself at least a B rank to obtain an SSS rank in the levels. When you receive a B rank you are eligible for an additional 5000 Lei. Get your hands on a sniper rifle such that you kill your enemies with ease and effectiveness. It would be advised that you memorize the paths and points of enemies’ caverns as you can focus on one hit rather than waste the ammunition. 

Do not reload your rifle at the end of the game as it automatically gets reloaded. Do not waste your resources by wasting it on ammo. Utilize it in other ways. Save some shotgun shells for you need to face the most dangerous boss of all. Shotgun shells and handgun shells might come in handy. 

For Stages 5-8:

  • Step 1: Keep in check your guns, pistols, mines, etc 
  • Step 2: Keep all your ammunition ready. Do not sell anything. 
  • Step 3: Increase your speed. 

The first steps of these later stages of the game include upgrading your weapons like the pistol, mines, and Magnus. Reload and upgrade your speed capacity and rate of fire. Magnum should be used only on treacherous enemies and little bosses and not on the main boss. Hit the enemies on their soft spots to even kill. Kill the enemies by targeting their armor and stunning them with the use of mini-weapons. By imposing all these tips and tricks into your game you will be able to level up.

By using all these methods, you will be able to excel in the game and get your hands on SSS rank in the mercenary’s rank. Complete your missions and get your rank up. Use your ammo resource carefully and do not overuse it. Let us know if you found this article helpful in getting your hands on the SSS rank.

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