How to Save Your Resident Evil Village Progress

Resident Evil Village guide on how to save your game through the places in the game by reaching out to a checkpoint called a typewriter.
How to Save Your Resident Evil Village Progress

In the gaming Public’s consciousness there are few aspects of particular games that have become so entrenched that even a small reminder of it may bring back so many memories. An example of this can be the Resident Evil franchise and its relationship with saving typewriters.

When you read this you got the thought of a typewriter right? You may be right. So here is how you can save your progress in Resident Evil Village. 

Typewriters play a very vital role from the beginning of a Resident Evil game. It helps you as it’s the only saving progress. So, the story starts somewhere in the ’90s which lent itself to some great survival horror vibes.

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You were at risk of losing some hours of progress, but also your saves were limited by the number of ink ribbons that you had. This tradition of the Resident Evil game is maintained to an extent through the pink ribbons have been relegated to harder times and in the same way, the Resident Evil Village is no different.

Save Your Progress in Resident Evil Village

Using a typewriter is the best and foremost way to save your progress. You should or you can stop and save as much as you want to at a particular typewriter. Finding typewriters is not easy as they are very few and far between rooms.

The only place where you can find a typewriter is in the Vicinity of the Duke. Village’s have a checkpoint system, saving at a typewriter and triggering story beats and major events. In the event of demise, you will be returned to the most recent typewriter you saved at or the recent checkpoint.

You can double checkpoints through autosaves and then can load your game through the menu. Personally saying, Ending a play session without a manual save at a typewriter isn’t much comforting

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