Main Hall Items Locations in Resident Evil Village

Ever wondered where all the secret items are located in the main hall? Read on to know more about the location of all these items.
All Main Hall Item Locations In Resident Evil Village

In the latest edition of the Resident Evil Village which is a popular horror arcade game, Ethan winter is back with a bang to find his daughter who was abducted. This new installment has garnered a lot of attention and a lot of queries for knowing the location of the Main Hall items is necessary. To know more keep reading this article. 

If you follow the map of Resident Evil Village you will notice that the map shows red areas. It means that there are certain items present in these zones. Once you have acquired these items then the map turns blue signifying that the items have been procured from that area. 

Resident Evil Village: All Main Hall Item Locations

In the Castle of Dimitrescu, the main hall has hidden items. The players are expected to find a total of six items that are spread across two floors. You need to avoid Resident Evil Village’s vampire Lady Dimitrescu while exploring. 

1st Floor

Handgun & Ammo

Once inside the Main Hall (4 angel masks which were a part of the previous Resident Evil Village game), move to your right, and along this wall, you will find two chairs and a small dresser stationed. While near the dresser to your rightmost drawer you will find a box and inside it a Handgun filled with ammo. 

330 Lei

Keep moving along the northeast corner of the room. While walking towards this side you will find a vase, a rustic old ornate vase. Break the vase to find 330 Lei. This ends the quest on the first floor when you collect the coins present inside the vase. Keep up the path and move ahead to the second floor.

2nd Floor

Crystal Fragment

Once on the second floor, you will find a door on your right of the stairs which has a blue cover. By pushing aside these curtains find a path that leads to a hallway down south. Turn right at the hallway and you will find a portrait above the two chairs. Take the immediate turn and at the top of the frame, you will see a shimmer of the glittery crystal fragment. Hit it on spot for the fragment to break and get your hand on the crystal. Crystals are extremely valuable to pawn for weaponry. 

Handgun Ammon & Hue of Blue

Keep going down the hall and you will spot a vase at the end of the hall, at the Prioress Door. Break this vase to get your hands on another round of Handgun ammo. Continue towards the stairs and enter the hallway at the northern side through the doorway opposite to it. It also has a hue of blue. 

200 Lei & Gunpowder

Take a left immediately and you will find yourself in front of a wooden crate. It contains 200 Lei, you need to break it and obtain the coins along the way. Run till you reach the end of the hall and sight the last vase sitting on the patio. Break it to get your hands on the gunpowder present inside this rustic vase. 

Obtain all the following items on the first and second floors according to the maps and see if the colour on the maps has changed means you have explored and discovered the items located on these floors. Thus, you will obtain all these hidden items and you can move on to finding other hidden secrets in Resident Evil Village. 

You can follow this video for easy to find the collectibles in the Main Hall.

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