How to Find Biome 6 (Abyssal Scar) Sunface Fragment in Returnal

All you need to do in the Returnal is to get the Sunface Fragment from the Abyssal and exit. It sounds easy, doesn't it? But it certainly isn’t!
Where to Find Biome 6 (Abyssal Scar) Sunface Fragment

The last installment of Returnal occurs in the Abyssal scar. How long and how far can you go to get to the secret ending? All the secrets are hidden in the depths of the tunnel. Follow the path with the help of Sunface Fragments, one from each niche, and go to Selene’s house at the end. Defeat the boss man to exit with all the secrets at your end. Follow these simple steps to get your hands on the secrets hidden within. 

How do you get the Sunface Fragments? Follow these steps to know.

You need to have beaten Act 2 once and also you have to have an idea about all the five house sequences. You will get to know if it is your last house sequence or not when you will learn the truth about the crash caused by Helio’s. This is a minor spoiler for those who are playing it for the first time. But don’t worry you’ve signed up for an adventure of a lifetime. 

This is the final setback of the game, the last strike, which entails you have all the Xenotech Devices available on you. How will you obtain the Xenotech Device? You need to get your hands on the Delphic visor and it is the most complicated part of the game as it is in the last and the final biome.

Where to Find Biome 6 (Abyssal Scar) Sunface Fragment

You need to pass through a series of connected rooms to the Sunface Fragment room. The big drop at the level takes you to the Sunface Fragment. Once you are dropped into the abyssal you won’t be able to come back from it. 

Biome 6 (Abyssal Scar) Sunface Fragment
Biome 6 (Abyssal Scar) Sunface Fragment

Once inside the Abyssal scar, there is no going back. Be on your guard and look for any containers floating above the sea. You need to be careful and take a leap of faith into the gaps between them. Once you jump you will be able to see the shimmer of the Luminescent Orb. This rustic Orb is closed but the players need to figure out a way by shooting it with the tools or throwing it towards the platform in any direction. You will collect five of the Sunface Fragments in this gap.

Jump and see to find the last Sunface Fragment. You need to focus on the ruins that are Echoing to reach the sixth house sequence.

You need to come back to defeat the boss and exit the game with triumph. Players who missed the sixth sequence have to voluntarily die and return with the reconstructor to finish the game. We hope all’s clear by the time you exit the game with your rewards and weapons in handy. If you want more video guide please see this walkthrough to get Sunface Fragment.

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