How To Walk On Red Floors in Returnal

A quick walkthrough guide on how to walk on Red Floors in Returnal. Red Floors are one of the commons places...
How To Walk On Red Floors in Returnal

Everybody loves games that challenge them and test their maximum potential. Returnal is one such game that will keep you hooked to your chair, and you will make the most of it always. Some beautiful designs and graphics are involved, and it will always blow your mind. 

This PS5 exclusive game is a perfect mixture of dark, complex, and thrilling. In this game, you are put in an astronaut’s costume, and you’re supposedly experiencing the worst case of déjà vu. She is stuck on an alien planet, and every time she dies there, she comes back to the start and it happens again. It is a time loop you are stuck in, and every time you return to the site of crashing; you learn new things about the planet and can pave a way for your escape.

Xenotech device players will be carried forward in a subsequent cycle and this will help increase their mobility. It gives Selene a lot of options to move, and as good and perfect as this seems, there are still a lot of areas the gamers don’t have the access to. Returnal locks out a lot of areas, and you are unable to access them without upgrading your suit.

How To Walk On Red Floors in Returnal

If you are an avid player, you will remember the orange lights from where you can’t grab objects high up the ledge without a hook, or walking on the red laser lights will result in serious damage to your character. Returnal requires you to unlock and use certain items, which will act as immunity and help you clear out the tough stages.

In the second biome of Returnal, the crimson base, you will find this deadly red floor that can cause serious damage. They also appear in other biomes and can block your character Selene or just cause enough damage to rupture her mobility. But every problem has a solution, and every challenge a key. So, to get out of the red floor unhinged, you have to unlock the Promethean Insulators, which will negate the damage the red floor causes. 

The Promethean Insulator is one of the nine permanent devices Xenotech players avail during the game. It is a device not known to all and can be missed at times due to negligence. It is a little time-taking to find but not impossible. And to clear the red floor area, this is important. You can find Promethean Insulator after reaching Act 2 and opening up the portal to the Fractures Wastes, and until you reach there, you might encounter the red floors, but you have to keep ignoring and moving. Once you enter the Fractured Waste, keep walking through until you come out of the Hadal Vault on the other side.

Opening the vault is a challenge in itself. You require three keys to open it up. After you move out of this area, you will notice four different kinds of doors, which are leading in four different directions. Three out of four doors have “the main path” marked on them and will lead you to the key of Hadal Vault. The fourth door is for the side path, which can be unlocked only by the Atropian key and lead them straight to the Promethean Insulators. There will be barriers in the form of lasers which will make your journey to the device tough, but dodge these and go to the other side to claim this wealthy reward.

After you claim the Promethean insulators, you won’t have to jump on the red floors anymore. You will react to the hazard, but this will not cause damage or reduce your adrenaline. With the crossing of red floors, you can have access to items and devices which were unreachable before. With this, you can even see the secret ending to Returnal.

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