How to Unlock Characters in Risk of Rain 2

Unlock some top of the line best tier characters in Risk of Rain 2 without completing the levels by following this guide.
How to Unlock Characters in Risk of Rain 2

Do you want to unlock Risk of Rain 2 character? this guide helps you to get the top-of-the-line and best tier characters earlier without completing the required levels in the game. So if you’re the one who is looking for a way to how to unlock characters in Risk of Rain 2 then this article will definitely help you.

Keep reading the guide till the end you’ll end up unlocking some best ROR 2 characters. But before me towards the way to unlock all of them we’ll give you an overview of the characters that you can unlock via following this guide.

Risk of Rain 2 has becomes the one the popular online game over the years and now it is all coming to Google Stadia. Since everyone enjoying the Risk of Rain 2 and playing with various characters with different abilities and powers.

How to Unlock All Characters in Risk of Rain 2

One should always make sure to play with a character that helps you to win the match and earn some additional points. So here in this guide, we’ll show some ROR 2 unlockable characters and also demonstrate how to unlock them.

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Just follow the above table to unlock the appropriate character. Hope this helped you. Make sure to check our other Risk of Rain 2 guides for more tips till then stay tuned and Play ROR!

An alternate way to unlock Characters

Here’s another method to unlock characters this method is pretty easier than the above one without completing the challenge and doing all necessary jobs in order to unlock the character.

There’s a loophole in the game by using these players are unlocking the characters without even playing the game. The developers didn’t have patched this glitch/loophole in ROR 2.

To unlock the character, first of all make sure game is not running then,

  • Go to C:/Program Files(x86)/userdata/Steam there you’ll find a folder user ID
  • Now in the User ID folder, you’ll see another folder with labeled with numbers like 632360, open this folder
  • In 632360, now go to the Remote folder and User Profiles folder
  • There you’ll see an XML file, copy this file to somewhere else for backup purpose.
  • Now open the XML file found in the User Profiles folder in any IDE or Notepad.
  • Scroll to the bottom, you’ll see a bunch of codes and some records of your profile that shows which character you’ve unlocked in the game.
  • From this, you’ll get an idea of what you have to do.

Now copy one of the lines of code for the character that you want to unlock. Here Toolbot refers to MUL-T and Mage refers to Artificer incase you’re looking for these two names.


Make sure you entered the above line of the code for unlocking a character in between <stat name> and </stats> tags, other this glitch won’t work.

Lastly, save the file and start the game, Hopefully, you’ll see the newly unlocked characters along with the previous ones in the game. However this is not the recommended way to unlock the character in the Risk of Rain 2, you missed the challenges, you have skipped the battles and you could’ve collected the Lunar Coins after defeating Bosses in levels,

Probably they might not have any issue regarding this cheat character unlocking way, but this flaw will get fixed at any point of time.

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