Does Risk of Rain 2 Support Cross Platform?

Do you also have similar thoughts like can I play Risk of Rain 2 cross-platform? or cross-play is possible in ROR2 in your head? Here's an answer!

Is Risk of Rain 2 Cross Platform supported or not? is one of the most common & asked questions by the players. As the game is available for both PC and consoles including Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One.

So as long as Risk of Rain 2 available on the various platforms so will it be possible for the game to support multiplayer Cross-Platform and the players will be able to cross-play Risk of Rain 2?

Before moving towards the answer first let me clarify what does it mean to be cross-platform compatible for a game. A game that is cross-platform compatible is when the player across different platforms (PC, Xbox, PS4 & Switch) can play together or simultaneously then the game is said to be Cross-platform/cross-play supported.

Is Risk of Rain 2 Cross Platform?

As the game receives updates separately on all platforms means the PC Risk of Rain 2 user revived the updates earlier than the console users due to this updates can’t be synced across the devices. So it concludes Risk of Rain 2 is not cross-platform compatible. Although it supports up to 4 players who can play on the same platform and enjoy mutually enjoy the game.

The game is developed by a small team of developers called Hopoo Games and right now officially they don’t have any such plans to make the game cross-platform supported. If this could possibly in the future but at least cross-console supported we’ll give you an update here. So you would be able to play ROR2 with your friends only on different consoles but not with PC users.

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