Risk of Rain 2 Loader Guide: Best Builds, Loadouts & Way to Unlock

Risk of Rain 2 Loader Guide helps you get the most out of the character. The Loader has got some really unique abilities, check em' all out.
risk of rain 2 loader

Risk of Rain 2 Loader is the most prominent character and the one who has some special abilities that you can use to get the most out of it. Well in this ROR 2 Loader Guide we’ll show you his best builds and loadouts. So you’ll not have any trouble while playing with this character.

If you are looking for a powerful burst-damage character then see no more. Loader is the character that embodies the above. Besides the above properties, he also has great maneuverability and also great survivability. Loader is the best choice for a character in Risk of Rain 2.

Tips for Loader builds and loadouts

Looking for ultimate Loader builds and loadouts? You have come to the right place then. In this guide we elaborate on Loader builds and Loadouts in Risk of Rain 2. His capabilities are awesome and we here are going to tell you how to unlock Loader in detail. That is, his powers and weaknesses and all.

Loader best builds and loadouts

Unlocking Loader

If you have completed the Guidance Offline Challenge then you can unlock Loader. This is the quickest way to unlock Loader. All you have to do is defeat the Alloy Worship Unit in Siren’s Call i.e. stage 4.

The best way to get over this stage is using Mercenary. Among Survivors he is the fastest guy to defeat the Alloy Worship Unit.

Drizzle difficulty is fine enough to go with and why not seemingly there’s no higher difficulty level required for the job.

Once you start the challenge go through the stages until you reach the stage 4. There you must kill five vulture eggs. The problem with them is that they spawn randomly and that makes the jo rather difficult. Never mind you can find them by looking around a bit.

You need to head for the center of the map after you kill the fifth egg. There only you will encounter the Alloy worship unit. If you are playing with Mercenary then defeating the Unit is quite easy. All you have to do is jump on top of it and then try shift into it while being on top of it.

If you are able to do it then you will be able to push it down towards the ground. It will blow up once it makes contact with the ground. This is when Loader will be unlocked. IF you wan to other unlock other characters also in Risk of Rain 2 then you can follow this character unlocking guide to unlock every chcartcer in the game via glitch or story.

Abilities of Loader

Primary Ability is Knuckleboom

He causes a 320% damage by a single swing at the nearby enemies. This is a great ability and not only that, but also for punching and causing 320% damage to the opponent he gets a temporary banner from his passive.

Passive Ability is Scrap Barrier

The greatest ability of Loader is immunity from fall damage. There is a temporary banner which he gains from striking his enemies with the Gauntlets. The banner has the ability to make him tougher. The passive ability compliments his grappling hook pretty well.

Secondary abilities are Grapple or Spiked Fist

For the secondary abilities we have got two options. First is Grappled Fist and the second one is Spiked Fist.

  1. Grapple Fist – it will pull you to the target by firing your Gauntlet.
  2. Spiked Fist – stun by firing your Gauntlet and cause 320% damage.

It is not too difficult to choose from the two. Spiked Fist nothing but a refined version of Grapple Fist.

Utilities are Charged Gauntlet or Thunder Gauntlet

For the Utilities part you have two options. One is Charged Gauntlet and the second is Thunder Gauntlet.

  1. Charged Gauntlet – you can charge a piercing punch for 600 – 2700% damage. It is kind of more damaging at a higher speed.
  2. Thunder Gauntlet – this one as well deals more damage at higher speeds. A single punch charged can cause up to 2100% damage shocking the enemies in a cone for around 1000% damage.

The differences are not significant as compared with his secondary abilities. The Charged Gauntlet despite causing more damage than the other one is that it must be charged up. Also, it kind of deals a bit less AoE than the Thunder Gauntlet. Although Thunder Gauntlet is slightly better but then it is a matter of preference.

Special ability is M551 Pylon

You can throw a floating Pylon that neatly destroys up to 6 enemies in the nearby areas for 100% damage. However, it can be grappled.

This ability alone is helpful in getting rid of aerial targets. Other abilities do not help much in getting rid of aerial targets.

Playing style for Loader

Loader is a melee character, however, that shouldn’t be a problem as he has high mobility. He mostly deals with burst damage. That is, he instead of causing continuous damage causes damage in a go. And then he requires some cooling down before he can do it all over again.

His utility punch is the most power packed punch and causes 2100% damage to enemies. With speed this base damage increases. You can dish out mind boggling damage when you use his Grappling Hook to increase his speed.

Please don’t be too much dependent upon the Primary ability and you should be using it on somewhat weakened enemies. It is the rest of his abilities where your focus should be.

Try the following rotation to use his abilities in most efficient ways possible:

Charge your Gauntlet while increasing your speed by using the Grappling hook. When you are at the mid-point of the swing while using your Grappling hook release the attack to deal a mind-boggling damage. It is around post mid-point when your speed is maximum.

This could be your main attack with Loader. It is the maximum damage causing attack possible.

Best items for Loader

There are many items available to use with all the characters in RoR 2. However, some of them suit the characters in a particular way. For loader we have listed them below:

  • Kjaro’s band
  • Gasoline
  • Wil-o-the-wisp
  • Focus Crystal
  • Ukulele
  • Lens Maker’s Glasses
  • Paul’s Goat Hoof
  • ATG Missile
  • Crowbar

Tips and Tricks with Loader

  1. Latch onto your opponents with the Grapple Fist ability
  2. You can use Knuckleboom, Charged Gauntlet and M551 Pylon when your Grapple Fist is active
  3. The distance the Charged Gauntlet travels also charges it up along with the damage
  4. You can spawn the M551 Pylon up to three times

Builds of Loader

There are two kinds of build possible with the Loader. One is Attack Speed Build and the other is One-Shot Build.

Attack speed Build

You will require Artefact of Command for this build. you will also require six to seven Lens Markers glasses that would be used for white items. And for green items you will need 2 fuel cells. For the Legendary you will need 57 Leaf Clovers. You can let go Drowned unlocked for the time being. However, this could be handy too if you could get it.

Then, you can go to the newt altar to get an early legendary stage 1 or stage 2, this can easily enable you to go through the void fields fairly easily.

After that, you can get the Three Gesture of the Drowned at the Bazaar. But that only if Spinel Tonic is unlocked.

The Spinal Tonic lasts forever after you combine 3 Gestures and 2 Fuel cells. This is helpful when unlock the skin of Loader in Monsoon.

War Horns can be useful to get you a 70% bonus when you attack, but for that you need 2 War horns when your Spinel Tonic is constantly activated. However, you can’t include the Spinal Tonic’s bonus.

For defending damage, you can balance Tougher Times and Lens Maker’s Glasses. You need a good amount of them to defend yourself.

After you have 2 war horns you may be required to combine 3 Predatory Instincts. And add the combination to the Critical Chance. This is going to help you geta bit more tanky when you add Tougher Times as this will provide you with more speed.

For Predatory Instincts, Infusions are the way to go. Except Shaped glass all other all other Legendary will work with it. it will cut the temporary hit points in half.

One-Shot Build

For this one you will require the upgraded secondary spiked fist and utility charged Gauntlet which is provided by default. This is the best choice.

Charged Gauntlet scores marginally higher than the Thunder Gauntlet.

The One-Shot protection is not that good and for that you can go for full glass cannon and shade glass.

Also, if you are looking for increasing your damage by using ukulele and guitars band and you can use them for every survivor.

If you go for crowbars then your gauntlet will get the highest burst damage in the game, but for a single target.


Loader is most effective in dealing damage per hit if the speed is high. It has the special abilities of Knucleboom, Spiked Fist, Thunder or Charged Gauntlet

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